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SourceDay makes the job of a buyer easier, simpler and a whole lot more enjoyable. We automate the PO lifecycle so there are fewer risks, less cost and better outcomes.

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing and distribution buyers is efficient collaboration with suppliers. A delay, an error, poor quality materials, or a miscommunication with a supplier can lead to damaging complications that impact the end customer and cash flow.

Benefits of Automating the PO Process with SourceDay

Hear from SourceDay customer, Napoleon Products, and learn how SourceDay allowed them to streamline and error-proof the communications and acknowledgment process for their procurement, accounts payable and vendors.

SourceDay eliminates all of the headaches associated with purchase order and supplier management.

ERP systems, like Infor, SAP, NetSuite and Epicor, help companies manage their businesses from financial operations to inventory management, production and customer fulfillment. As good as ERP systems are, they all have gaps in functionality. Once the ERP establishes requirements and the POs are generated, most buyers leave their ERP systems and rely on static, manual spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and faxes to handle the rest. This causes inaccurate data in the ERP system, which then leads to difficulties in scheduling production runs and forecasting deliveries to customers. A misstep in any of the processes can mean unhappy customers and a loss in revenue.

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PO Exceptions

SourceDay’s PO Exceptions module helps procurement teams manage move outs, move ins, and PO cancellations to protect cash flow and revenue.

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Single Source of Truth

We help buyers standardize and automate the entire PO lifecycle so everything is in one place. Buyers and suppliers use a single solution to update POs, accept, and reject changes.

Managed Services

Get the most value out of SourceDay’s products with 1:1 training and unlimited access to technical support. SourceDay’s in-house experts are here for your users, including suppliers, every step of the way. We also guarantee the adoption of your most important suppliers.

Supplier Scorecard

Grade supplier performance

SourceDay’s built-in, ISO certified, supplier scorecard helps you manage performance and keep your suppliers accountable by measuring metrics like price variance, on-time delivery, quality and responsiveness.


SourceDay cloud-based purchase order management software integrates with the most commonly used ERP systems to streamline and digitize the purchase order process.

SourceDay facilitates a lot of the notification and communication processes by letting users know when they have to take action on things. We see the ability for both users on the procurement side as well as the vendor side to get access to information very easily.

Louise Mayer
ERP Improvement Manager at Napoleon

A buyer’s dream

Once the PO is created, SourceDay takes over as the link between the buyer’s ERP and the supplier. No more spending hours tracking down orders or digging through emails. Our automated purchase order system guarantees:

Greater visibility

Buyers have instant access to the status of every line item of every order

Buyers can quickly identify problem areas, such as unacknowledged POs, late items or PO changes

Order changes are highlighted for buyers to “accept” or “reject” with one click

Buyers can quickly identify which suppliers are helping and hurting your business

Better communication

Buyers receive timely PO acknowledgments without hounding suppliers

PO changes and buyer-supplier collaborations are date and time stamped for auditing

Real-time supplier scorecard allows buyers and suppliers to instantly assess performance

Suppliers are automatically reminded when POs are nearing their due dates, are late or being expedited

Accurate data

Every buyer-supplier communication thread is captured for historical reference

All PO changes like due dates are automatically fed back into buyer’s ERP

Suppliers can import data directly from SourceDay to their system with no manual entry

Internal Team Collaboration

All roles across the business gain access to PO activity to eliminate “Where are my parts?” questions

Employees can schedule coverage and manage other buyers’ POs when they’re out of office

Drastic reduction in unnecessary meetings

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