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Trusted by the top brands in the industry for purchase order collaboration & supplier management.

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The perfect addition to your
NetSuite ERP.

SourceDay doesn’t replace NetSuite. We pick up where their ERP leaves off—communicating with your suppliers.

SourceDay gives your team complete visibility into all outstanding purchase orders, helps your suppliers and contract manufacturers stay organized, and keeps the ERP updated 24/7.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We recently sat down with Winky Lux to talk about their experiences as a fast-growing beauty brand that adopted NetSuite and SourceDay in order to keep up with demand.

The Challenges of Scaling for Winky Lux

Find out what happened when Winky Lux landed a Target placement…at the beginning of a pandemic.

The Impacts of Late Orders for Winky Lux

From expedited air shipments to risking your reputation, hear from the Winky Lux COO about the costs of late orders.

How SourceDay + NetSuite Work Together

NetSuite & SourceDay complement one another. SourceDay’s CMO Sarah Moore explains how the two work together to help brands like Winky Lux.

4 Ways to Get More Out of NetSuite


Get the Most From NetSuite

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP is a powerful tool that can help brands with demand planning, company financials, and procurement. In order to get the most from that investment, check out our top tips, including:

  1. Looking for ‘Built for NetSuite’ partner brands.
  2. Keeping NetSuite up-to-date with supplier changes.
  3. Automating steps of the purchase order management process.

With SourceDay, move at your speed.

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Made for High-Growth, NetSuite Brands

High growth means the “old way of doing things” won’t keep up.

Meet the modern supply chain performance software making it easy for CPG brands to scale operations. SourceDay’s collaborative suite of products allows you to manage all supplier RFQs, POs, and invoices in one spot.

Manage Global Suppliers & Contract Manufacturers

SourceDay makes it easy to collaborate with suppliers and CM’s on the line-item level across RFQs, POs, and invoices. Taking conversations out of email creates mutual transparency and accountability.

Best of all? We guarantee supplier adoption.

Bridging the gap between suppliers and your ERP.

Safeguard Your Brand Against Stock-Outs

You run fast production cycles and need your supply chain to keep up. Adjust to demand changes and supplier roadblocks with speed, transparency, and precision—all while avoiding stock-outs.

Don’t Let Product Go to Waste

Excess inventory can help deal with higher-than-normal demand, but it’s risky to hold onto too much. Products with seasonal packaging or limited shelf lives require just-in-time inventory rules.

Know where all incoming materials are in the process, at all times.

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