4 Things Manufacturers Should Focus on to Keep Data in Their ERP Accurate

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4 Things Manufacturers Should Focus on to Keep Data in Their ERP Accurate

Over half of all PO lines will change in their lifetime. However, most Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) systems and processes assume that every PO will magically arrive on-time, in-full, all the time. This causes a lack of integrity in your supply chain plan.

As a manufacturer, the only way to stay on top of changes is to invest in a solution that provides real-time visibility into every piece of data in your system. When PO changes are not properly propagated, manufacturers find out when the delivery arrives that it’s partial, late, the order picture is wrong, the production plan is wrong, revenue forecasts are a nightmare, sales plans don’t have a chance, and delivery ultimately suffers immensely.

When a buyer sends an order, the supplier must respond with an acknowledgment–usually with a manual “handshake” via email. But these handshakes rarely happen, and when they do, they are often delayed by hours, days, or sometimes even weeks (yikes!).

If you don’t have an accurate, real-time handshake with suppliers, your supply chain is at risk.

Susan Walsh, Mathieu Pappalardo, Peyton Whitehorn and Juliette Samson share their tips on how to clean up the data in your ERP and keep it clean going forward in this webinar.

4 things you will learn:

  1. How to set up a process to correctly input data
  2. How to use the COAT methodology to clean up existing data and also setup good habits for new data
  3. How to keep the data in your ERP clean after completing a data cleansing
  4. How to get support from within your business to prioritize ERP data accuracy

Sarah Scudder

Marketing Maven @ SourceDay

Susan Walsh

Mistress of Data @ The Classification Guru

Mathieu Pappalardo

Chief Procurement Officer @ GoGo squeeZ

Peyton Whitehorn

Integration Advisor @ Reveal

Juliette Samson

CIO @ Genpro Inc.