4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your Epicor ERP and Suppliers

4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your Epicor ERP and Suppliers

Featuring Epicor ERP Expert Jim Frye

Your business’ supply chain is being talked about in the boardroom. Are you prepared to be a part of the conversation and present solutions to your team?

If you’re wondering how other Epicor ERP customers have painlessly improved how they manage supply chain disruption, look no further. In this live conversation you’ll get all the answers from industry veteran and Epicor ERP expert, Jim Frye.

This no holds barred conversation with Jim will give you the intel you need to improve how you work in your Epicor ERP and measurably improve your supply chain management. You’ll also get insider knowledge on how your experience using Epicor ERP might compare to others.

A Modern Way to Collaborate with Suppliers

On average, 50% of PO orders will change. SourceDay’s Jim Frye explains how a partnership with SourceDay can help quickly communicate PO changes to your suppliers and improve collaboration.

The Importance of Strong Supplier Relationships

When it comes to fulfilling orders on time, it’s important to recognize suppliers as key stakeholders in your organization. SourceDay’s Jim Frye discusses ways to improve supplier performance.

A New Take on Supplier Performance

Many organizations in 2021 are still hesitant to invest in supply chain automation tools despite major disruption. Jim Frye of SourceDay emphasizes the correlation of strong supplier performance with order fulfillment and revenue protection.

Watch on Demand: 4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your Epicor ERP and Suppliers

Watch the full webinar here.

Jim Frye

Enterprise Sales Director and In-House Epicor ERP Expert

As a former Epicor ERP Solutions Engineer, Jim has helped hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies increase revenue, reduce costs, and facilitate growth through delivery of tools and services designed to optimize end-to-end value streams for small and midsize companies (up to $1B). With an acute focus on positive business outcomes and a reputation for meticulous preparation, Jim has developed a proven track record of success through balanced alignment of corporate and customer goals. Results focused and purpose driven, Jim is a recognized thought leader in the manufacturing industry and a respected business professional, adept at identifying and monetizing the business value derived from solutions to business challenges.

Patty Loessberg

Director of Strategic Alliances

Patty Loessberg is the Director of Strategic Alliances, responsible for strategic partnerships between SourceDay and key relationships within the Epicor ecosystem. Patty has almost 10 years working with Epicor, Epicor partners and its customers. Prior to SourceDay, Patty worked at Avalara, a SaaS solution and Epicor alliance partner, that automates sales tax compliance for companies of all sizes. There, she collaborated to help bring software to manufacturing and distribution companies to modernize how companies work to improve business processes that resulted in time and money savings.

Clint McRee

COO & Co-Founder

Thanks to his background building cross-functional teams in technology and manufacturing, Clint knows how to implement real solutions for real business challenges. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers. Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers process more than $66B in total spend.