All Things Shipping for SourceDay Suppliers [Webinar-6.29]

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All Things Shipping for SourceDay Suppliers

With SourceDay, Suppliers have several ways to provide their buyers with shipping information and updates on purchase orders (POs). We know your team is tired of the manual tasks just as much as anyone else, so we want to make sure you know all the easy ways you can collaborate with your buyers!

Join SourceDay’s Director of Customer Success, Christine McAvoy, and Product & Content Specialist, Lisa Furler, in this on-demand webinar.

Get more insight on:

  1. How to ship a single PO Line from Tasks
  2. Shipping multiple PO Lines from the PO Dashboard using the Shipped Action
  3. Shipping hundred of lines using Bulk Imports
  4. Shipments Dashboard Overview
  5. Additional shipping features

Christine McAvoy

Director of Customer Success, SourceDay

Lisa Furler

Product & Content Specialist, SourceDay