AP Automation Webinar, Summer Series

Solving Direct Spend Invoice Woes With AP Automation

Direct spend invoices are notoriously inaccurate, which creates challenges for Accounts Payable departments. SourceDay is the first direct spend-focused solution that automates 3-way matching of supplier invoices and auto vouchers back into your ERP.

In this webinar, our experts discussed why AP Automation is critical for successful management of Direct Spend, and how our customers are reaching 97% paperless invoicing and ditching manual paperwork tasks.

AP Automation for Supply Chain Management

SourceDay COO & Co-Founder Clint McCree talks on why AP Automation matters for Supply Chain Management, and how SourceDay decided to start fulfilling AP Automation.

What is 3-Way Matching?

Learn from Solutions Engineer Phillip Pavelka about the 3-way invoice matching system SourceDay implements for AP Automation.

The SourceDay Integration Difference

Discover how AP solutions are catching up to the needs of the direct spend market, and how SourceDay’s AP Automation accelerates invoice processing.

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