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Year-Round Disruption: The Costs and Risks for Supply Chains

Even in the steadiest of circumstances, the supply chain relies on a tenuous relationship between suppliers, buyers, and end customers.

In this report, completed by the Hackett Group, find out how much is at stake due to year-long supply chain disruption and what businesses can do to safeguard against it.

Key Findings:

  • How to Quantify Disruption: How can businesses measure disruption and the impact it has on them?
  • The Prevalence of Disruption in "Normal" Times: How much disruption is due to large-scale events and how much is due to everyday occurrences?
  • The Financial Impact of Disruption: How much is disruption costing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers?
  • The Key Players: When disruption strikes, who's responsible for managing it?
  • How to Safeguard Your Organization Against Disruption: What steps can you take now to avoid similar levels of organizational chaos in the future?

Widely regarded as an unprecedented disruptive global event, the Covid-19 crisis caused demand and supply-driven changes across all industries. By comparing the effects of such large-scale volatility to the small-scale disturbances of everyday operations, the results demonstrate that disruption is a pervasive issue facing manufacturers everywhere.

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Excerpt from "Year-Round Disruption: The Risks for Supply Chains"

About the Authors


Senior Director of Research, Procurement Executive Advisory Program

Ms. Gibbons has 10 years of industry and consulting experience in areas such as procurement strategy, organizational and process design, digital transformation, strategic sourcing and category management. She previously worked in The Hackett Group’s Strategy and Operations consulting practice, specializing in sourcing, procurement and supply chain. Before joining The Hackett Group, she worked in product development and strategy and operations at Groupon.


Principal & Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader

Mr. Sawchuk leads The Hackett Group’s global procurement advisory practice. He has over 20 years of experience in supply management, working directly with the Global 2000 and midsized companies around the world and in a variety of industries to improve all aspects of supply management, including process redesign, digital enablement, operations strategy planning, organizational change and strategic sourcing. Mr. Sawchuk specializes in working directly with CPOs to help define a long- term strategy. He is a regular contributor to business publications, a frequent presenter at industry events and author of numerous reports and books. Mr. Sawchuk’s background includes engineering, operations and sales roles with both United Technologies and IBM.