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DuraMark Technologies

DuraMark Technologies Delivers Agility and Innovation – Even in Extreme Conditions

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We were working in a very primitive environment. People were carrying around job jackets, walking them throughout the building. If somebody set one down and it slipped behind a desk, who knows what would happen with that job?

Christopher Beaschler, Director of Operations at DuraMark Technologies

Maintaining DuraMark’s Signature Speed

DuraMark Technologies is a 100% digital decal printer that emphasizes agility and innovation in their customer value proposition. Although the majority of their product is printed in-house, they outsource screen printing to specialized suppliers that often struggle to keep up with DuraMark’s signature delivery speed. By using the full capabilities of their NetSuite cloud ERP system and integrating it with SourceDay, they are able to accelerate both communication and collaboration with their suppliers.

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2 Words to Describe SourceDay

Christopher Beaschler tells SourceDay CMO Sarah Moore about the opportunities his team gets to create customer value based on the combined capabilities of the SourceDay platform and NetSuite cloud ERP.

Our process efficiency and waste management have increased tenfold because we finally used our NetSuite cloud ERP for what it was really meant to be instead of just using it for what we thought we needed it for.

Eric Douglass
Business Systems Analyst at DuraMark Technologies

High Speed Innovation Leaves No Room for Error

Four years ago, DuraMark was just using NetSuite’s financial capabilities. All of their business processes were “old school” or “primitive” as Christopher and Eric describe them. They were reliant upon Excel spreadsheets, job jackets, and Word documents for information management, and email, phone, fax, and human hand-offs for communication. They were overly reliant on tribal knowledge in the purchasing process, and their financials were not easily connected with their day-to-day operational reality.

If their high-growth trajectory was to continue, DuraMark recognized that they needed more collaboration and accountability with their suppliers. They found that in a fast, easy integration to SourceDay.

Suppliers that we thought were going to be very hesitant to adopt SourceDay were the first ones to embrace it because of the ease of use, the functionality, and the benefits of having one single source of truth for communications.

Eric Douglass
Business Systems Analyst at DuraMark Technologies

Internal & External Challenges Addressed


  • Supplier Alignment Ensured DuraMark’s customer remained the focus.
  • Streamlined Communications Minimized the number of supplier emails sent.
  • Native Integration Allowed POs to flow directly through SourceDay to NetSuite.
  • Internal Collaboration Between finance and operations ensured strategic cash flow management.


  • Costly Delays Due to the need to facilitate lead time management.
  • Manual Communication Between DuraMark and suppliers created confusion and errors.
  • Planning Difficulties With DuraMark customer move-ins and move-outs.
  • Cash Outlay Concerns From sub-optimal inventory management.


Communication & Accountability

“It’s really important because we are growing so quickly; we need something that can grow with us. Implementing SourceDay is as close to flipping a switch as you can get.” – Eric Douglass

By taking advantage of their full NetSuite cloud ERP functionality and integrating it with the SourceDay platform, DuraMark has quickly seen multiple improvements that boost user satisfaction and ensure a smooth customer experience. They modernized their internal operations beyond finance into operations and IT, providing their team with improved and automated communication, achieving sustainable agility, and protecting their speed-based value proposition from supply chain disruption.

Now they have taken the additional step of extending that modernization to supplier collaboration as well, creating a single source of truth and better visibility for everyone participating in the process.


Bringing the Pieces Together

As customers place orders with DuraMark, demand comes into NetSuite and triggers the need to order raw materials. POs are issued out of NetSuite through SourceDay to suppliers.

This modern collaboration takes place through a digital cloud interface that provides prescriptive workflows, automatic notifications, and business rules to ensure everyone is focused on the most important transactions. SourceDay automatically keeps NetSuite up to date in real time.

All stakeholders (procurement, finance, IT, supply chain, and operations) are therefore operating on current, valid information. Similarly, all suppliers know exactly what their priorities are and everyone’s business runs more smoothly and cost effectively.


Emerging from the Chaos

Four years ago, DuraMark was struggling through a kind of “primitive chaos,” from which they have streamlined and modernized. Once they had achieved visibility and improved communications internally, the natural next step was to extend that modernization into the supply chain. In the past, manual supplier communication required a heroic effort just to get basic information successfully back and forth.

Now, with SourceDay sitting between suppliers and DuraMark’s NetSuite cloud ERP, they don’t have to rely upon their own operational speed to cover up for costly and inconvenient supplier delays. DuraMark’s internal users and suppliers were trained during the same six-day period, ensuring no disruption to the business.

Who We Are


SourceDay is the collaboration engine that brings people, information, and processes together to modernize how companies manage orders with their suppliers, drive collaboration and ship orders on time. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers, centralize order data, and drive their businesses forward. Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 7,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers process more than $66B in total spend.

DuraMark Technologies

At DuraMark Technologies, we are radically changing the way people manage their durable safety labels and branding decals. While tremendous advances have been made in virtually every aspect of manufacturing, why continue to use the same traditional methods of printing individual labels on old screen printers and flexographic printers like we’ve done for the past hundred years? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we decided to form our company in 2007. Old traditional methods of printing were and are still fraught with significant challenges costing time, money and reducing the quality of the products they’re applied to. DuraMark’s 100% digital technology has changed the durable labeling playing field. Whether you’re looking for ways to better support your lean manufacturing and quality assurance practices or simply looking for higher quality labels at a better price, DuraMark will give you the durability, flexibility and speed your company demands.