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Edson’s Suppliers Just Became Even More Valuable

SourceDay hasn’t just improved the PO process. It’s improved our data management process as well.

Fouad Lahriga, Procurement Manager at Edson


Accurate Pricing


More On-Time Deliveries


Less Phone Calls & Emails

After 30 years of working together, Fouad Lahriga, Procurement Manager at Edson shares how using SourceDay helped their long-time suppliers increase on-time delivery by 80%.


After working with some of their suppliers for nearly 30 years, Edson believed that certain delays in the PO process seemed inevitable. Typically, when Edson’s purchasing team sent a PO, they would then wait days for their suppliers to get back to them with changes to price and delivery dates. Confirming pricing was a bottleneck for Edson’s team, especially because their POs contained hundreds of lines working with tissues and packaging equipment.

The lack of transparency on open orders forced Edson’s team to constantly call and email their suppliers for updates. But despite the regular communication and strong relationship between Edson’s buyers and their suppliers, their buyer-supplier relationship felt the strain of constant, ineffective communication. Edson knew they needed to find a way to confirm pricing faster, avoid expediting costs and deliver more orders on-time to keep their customers happy. 

We had to manually go PO by PO to change the data. With any updates, you had to resend emails to the suppliers and then wait for them to send a confirmation back to us. Then, we had to look over each PO with project managers or coordinators and try to follow the timeline of the PO. The delay in response was 2-3 days. With SourceDay we have the pricing and time of delivery the next day.

Fouad Lahriga
Procurement Manager at Edson

Supplier Collaboration Improved with SourceDay


  • Increased On-Time Delivery 80% of suppliers deliver on-time
  • ERP Data Always Up-to-Date 100% reliable PO, planning, and payment data in Syteline
  • Time Savings Notifications prompt action and improve response time on POs
  • Increased Visibility 85% reduction in phone calls to suppliers


  • Frequent Delays 2-3 day delay in updating POs led to late deliveries
  • Inaccurate POs Unreliable PO and shipping data in the Syteline ERP
  • Margin Creep Expedite costs to avoid late deliveries erode margin
  • Manual Processes Phone & email-based collaboration created errors

“80-85% of communication is now done through SourceDay.”

Fouad Lahriga
Procurement Manager at Edson
Edson Product


Increased Visibility Creates Better Accountability

SourceDay integrates seamlessly with Edson’s Syteline ERP, updating it immediately with the most current data. Buyers and suppliers can easily find all the information they need in SourceDay’s platform and access a history of every interaction on every PO line. The added visibility and historical information prevents orders from falling through the cracks. 

Since Edson pays for the license, their suppliers access SourceDay for free. With SourceDay, their suppliers are able to streamline labor-intensive tasks, quickly acknowledge POs, and meet their commitments on-time. 

“Most of our suppliers were excited to be on the platform. About 80% embraced the idea,” says Lahriga.  

SourceDay PO screenshot

SourceDay’s SaaS Solution Streamlines Communication

For Edson to speed up the PO confirmation process with their suppliers, they needed a tool to help both parties manage PO updates in a more efficient way and ensure accountability. Recently acquired by ProMach, Edson adopted SourceDay’s cloud-based SaaS solution at the same time as its parent company and several other subsidiaries. 

SourceDay’s direct-spend materials solution enables Edson and its suppliers to manage by exception. Rather than reviewing all PO lines for accurate PO data, SourceDay automatically syncs with their Syteline ERP to ensure real-time, accurate pricing, delivery dates, and quantity. Edson’s suppliers are notified of PO lines where they need to take action so they can respond quickly and still meet promised dates. According to Lahriga, about 80% of their suppliers now meet on their agreed-upon delivery dates. 

Edson Case Study Stat

After adopting SourceDay, Lahriga noticed a significant decrease in the amount of time it took to process POs. Edson’s procurement team was able to reduce the amount of time spent on the phone with suppliers and instead rely on SourceDay’s notifications.

Although the amount of communication between Edson’s buyers and suppliers decreased, the quality of communication drastically improved. Now, buyers know when an order is pushed out and suppliers are automatically notified when they need to take action on the portal, without needing to pick up the phone or send an email. 

With SourceDay’s supplier collaboration solution, Edson has decreased the amount of time needed for their suppliers to review POs and reduced late deliveries. Because vendors are updating their pricing through SourceDay, products are no longer received at inaccurate prices.

“We can now view data by PO, by project, by vendors, by dates, etc. That was not available to us in the past,” says Lahriga.


SourceDay is the collaboration engine that brings people, information, and processes together to modernize how companies manage orders with their suppliers, drive collaboration and ship orders on time. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers, centralize order data, and drive their businesses forward. Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 5,000 companies process more than $66 billion in direct spend.


Since 1962, Edson has been developing equipment for companies and their machinery has case packed many consumer and pharmaceutical products. In 2012, Edson became part of ProMach Inc, which is now the largest packaging machinery company in North America. ProMach provides equipment, training, installation, and parts in primary packaging, end-of-line packaging, identification, and tracking throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia.