Improve SyteLine APS With Better Data Accuracy

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Improve SyteLine APS With Better Data Accuracy

Abstract: APS is only as good as the data that feeds it. Whether variations happen on the purchasing or manufacturing areas, and there is nothing more important for your APS than accurate data. 52% of purchase orders change and there is no easy or automated way to input these changes. Furthermore, downtime on the shop floor can happen at any moment and can affect delivery commitments to customers. Maintaining all this information is critical but nearly impossible to accomplish manually. How can you maintain this without increasing headcount?

Join us as we discuss:

  1. The importance of accurate APS data for better demand planning
  2. How to bridge the gap between ERP/APS and your suppliers
  3. How to integrate you manufacturing equipment into ERP real time
  4. Tools to easy collect data and drive improvement in your execution processes
  5. How to keep your POs up to date and accurate so your APS is happy