Is Your Purchasing Team Focused on What’s Important? [Webinar-6.23]

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Is Your Purchasing Team Focused on What’s Important?

Your purchasing teams are bogged down in day-to-day manual work within your ERP—supplier communications, PO changes and updates, siloed processes within emails and spreadsheets. All of these take time from their ability to focus on risk management and strategic focus. What if there was a better way?

SourceDay Insights offers you time back to focus on growing your business. Real-time analytics provide your purchasing team with dashboards to help focus their departments on critical areas that need improving or immediate attention, such as lead times, pricing, and OTD.

Join us for this on-demand demo webinar where we walk you through the power of data visualization for your supply chain performance through SourceDay Insights. Let us show you the benefit of optimizing and extending your ERP to give time back to your buyers and improve operations.

Key takeaways:

  1. Ensure you are focused on risk
  2. Supplier performance
  3. Protect cashflow & revenue with live Insights

Organize Important Orders and Mass Communicate to All Your Suppliers

SourceDay’s Solution Consultant, Michael Malthaner explains how you can mark your POs as “hot” in SourceDay to prioritize them for your suppliers. Thanks to SourceDay, you can now mass communicate with all your suppliers without the hassle of having to type out multiple emails.

SourceDay’s Proven High Supplier Adoption Rate

SourceDay’s Director of Styeline/CSI Practices, Phillip Pavelka, explains that SourceDay handles supplier onboarding, training, and support. With over 12,500 users today, SourceDay’s onboarding process has proven to be successful with a has a high global supplier adoption rate.

Trust Erodes With Miscommunication

SourceDay’s Director of Styeline/CSI Practices, Phillip Pavelka, explains how important it is to automate purchase order changes to avoid confusion within your accounting department and to prevent any unpredicted disruptions that may erode trust with your clients.

Phillip Pavelka

Syteline/CSI Director, SourceDay

Michael Malthaner

Sr Solution Consultant, SourceDay