Stock IQ + SD Webinar | 12.07.22

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Making Your Supply Chain Agile in the Midst of Disruptions

We’ve all heard about the supply chain woes, and most, if not all, are experiencing them. The struggles are everywhere: with raw material supplies, offshore manufacturers, ship and truck transportation delays.

Your supply chain exists to streamline the supplier-to-customer process for product companies, but oftentimes inefficiencies cause missing orders, late parts, and delayed deliveries. To maintain a supply chain that prevents disruption or at least meets it head-on, you need to adapt your current process and properly utilize the necessary technology. Strategic supply chain solutions can help advance the efficiency of your business, and avoid major risks to company growth.

Listen as Colby Young, SourceDay and Jeffrey Porter, StockIQ Technologies discuss:

  1. Why supplier inputs into your supply chain that are the most critical
  2. The importance of Material Resource Planning (MRP) to successful growth
  3. How critical data is to the accuracy of your MRP
  4. How to bridge the gap between ERP/MRP and the supplier network

Product Companies Work Hard To Meet Customer Demand

Colby Young VP NetSuite Business Unit at SourceDay discusses the challenges product companies have faced this year and how they are handling these obstacles.

How to Identify What Needs To Be Purchased From A Vendor

Jeffery Porter CMO at StockIQ Technologies explains how to view your overall forecast and demand plan when it comes to identifying what needs to be purchased from a vendor in StockIQ.

How StockIQ Operates

Jeffery Porter CMO at StockIQ Technologies discusses the purpose and overall layout of the StockIQ platform.

Colby Young

VP, NetSuite Business Unit @ SourceDay

Jeffrey Porter

CMO @ StockIQ Technologies