Progress Rail + COUPA+SD [Webinar-6.28]

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Managing PO Collaboration & Source to Pay Visibility of All Spend

Is your direct and indirect spend visibility a train wreck?

You are not alone.

Join us for this on-demand frank conversation with Kevin Ogle and Kevin Minaltoski at Progress Rail as they share how they’ve gained visibility into their spend and what they are doing to get more value from the supply chain technology they’ve purchased and integrated with SAP.

Some background: Progress Rail is the largest diversified provider of rolling stock and infrastructure solutions. They had many moving parts and decided to implement Coupa to get company wide visibility into their spend. At the same time, they implemented SourceDay to automate purchase order (PO) changes for their direct spend. The result: full, up to date visibility into their spend (direct and indirect) with minimal effort on their end.

Our conversation is relevant if you’re on the right track and just need a little guidance or if your spend visibility is non existent.

You’ll learn how to navigate these common supply chain pain points:

  1. Outdated supplier snapshots
  2. Getting visibility to your entire spend
  3. PO acknowledgements
  4. Integrating with SAP

Progress Rail’s ERP Setup for Indirect & Direct Spend

Kevin Minaltoski, Business Data Analyst at Progress Rail, explains Progress Rail’s ERP system and its 5 core areas and how SourceDay and Coupa were brought in to help with the complexity of their multiple ERPs.

Coupa and SourceDay’s Partnership for Managing Indirect and Direct Spend

Michael Van Keulen, Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software, explains that any company can leverage Coupa and SourceDay platforms to better their business.

Why Progress Rail Invested In SourceDay

Progress Rail Business Data Analyst, Kevin Minaltoski, explains what appealed to them about SourceDay and why they chose to invest in the solution.

Kevin Minaltoski

Business Data Analyst, Progress Rail

Kevin Ogle

Business Unit Controller, Progress Rail

Michael Van Keulen

Chief Procurement Officer, Coupa Software

Sarah Scudder

Chief Marketing Officer, SourceDay