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Monthly Event: Women in ERP

The Women In ERP initiative aims to bring together, educate, and empower women involved with ERP transformations. The main theme of this series is to highlight the contributions of women, create social awareness to enhance women’s representations in ERP teams, and highlight their stories and challenges in voicing their opinions with ERP transformation initiatives.

Our Women in ERP show happens monthly as a LinkedIn Live event. Register here and you will receive an email with instructions on how to join us for the event on LinkedIn.

Current Schedule of Shows:

-October 4, 2022 at 12pm CDT

-November 1, 2022 at 12pm CDT

-December 6, 2022 at 12pm CDT

In this monthly show, we’ll talk about:

  1. Stories from women in ERP teams and how they’ve risen to different challenges
  2. Experiences from women who work in supply chain, including highlights and challenges
  3. The accomplishments and contributions of amazing women in ERP

September 2022

In this month’s Women in ERP episode, Kris Harrington of GenAlpha Technologies in joined by a panel of incredible women in the ERP space. Angel Thurman, Clair Mann, Amanda Clossey and Anna Barlas join the panel to discuss how they got into the ERP space, how to navigate the choosing and onboarding process of a new system, and they even share their greatest challenges.

June 2022

This month's Women in ERP show features a panel of total pros in the industry. These ladies have amazing stories to tell and they lay it all out on the tabel: the craziness, the wins, failure, successes. They share their wisdom involved with ERPs, their career journeys and guidance and insights into the key elements of a successful ERP implementation.

March 2022

Joined with host, Sarah Scudder (CMO of SourceDay) is Dawn Fludder, Sneha Kumari, Peyton Cork and Lacey Hill. They shared their wisdom, stories, confessions and examples of lessons learned. Lots of discussion around change management, how to select the right ERP and how to optimize your ERP once it's running.

August 2022

Lots of discussion you won't want to miss around change management, user adoption challenge, implementation debacles, and the trending topic of staffing the right people. BUT, It's not all bad there's automation, efficiency, and streamlining processes that free up time to do more. Aimee Hiskett, Katie Parris, Pam Hamingson and Maryben Omollo are boss ladies that we can all learn a lot from.

May 2022

Kristina Harrington (GenAlpha Technologies) hosts a panel of badass ladies with amazing stories to tell. She interviews Anna McGovern, Brandy Moore, Michele Thompson and Shannon Mullins. These women are total pros. They share their wisdom and career journeys, the craziness, wins, failures, successes, and everything ERP.

February 2022

Melissa Drew, Renata Pataki, Lisa Anderson and Jennifer Mesiano share the good, the bad, roadblocks and lessons learned from implementing ERP solutions. They cover everything from ERP selection, to implementation, change management, integrations, how to overcome the objections, the naysayers and switching ERP systems.

July 2022

This group of women are total pros with amazing stories to tell. Patricia Bennett, Erin Carroll, Kayley Bell and Annabel Briquet share their wisdom and help peeps involved with ERPs. They discuss everything from the craziness, the wins, failures, successes, heartbreaks, projects gone wrong, and the BIG wins.

April 2022

This week, GenAlpha Technologies' Kristina Harrington interviews four ladies who are total pros in the ERP space. She's joined by Juliette Samson, Nikki Gonzales, Cheri Baker and Lori McDonald. They share their wisdom, amazing stories, and the lessons they have learned from their experience in the ERP space.

January 2022

Jessica Gadbois (Practice Director, Acumatica), Anya Ciecierski (Founder, ERP Software Blog) and Laurie McCabe (Cofounder & Partner, SMB Group) share lessons learned, evaluating the best ERP system for your company, and assessing vendor trustworthiness.

December 2021

Our Women In ERP initiative aims to bring together, educate, and empower women involved with ERP transformations. Jill Button, Dyci Manns Sfregola, Jennifer Harris and Joselina Peralta share the good, the bad, roadblocks and lessons learned from implementing ERP solutions.