NetSuite Inbound Shipments Webinar 3.9.22

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Utilize NetSuite’s Inbound Shipment Module Faster & Easier with SourceDay

NetSuite’s Inbound Shipments module lets you take ownership of your inventory at shipment, but the only way to get data into the module is through manual entry or uploading a CSV. Not anymore—SourceDay has developed a Built for NetSuite integration to the inbound shipments module that allows you to take the Advanced Shipping Notice data captured via SourceDay and automatically create the inbound shipment records in real time, automatically, and error-free. With this integration, all the required data is written into the module, manual data entry is eliminated, and customers get a comprehensive view of accurate inventory allocations in NetSuite to properly assume goods and process payments.

It is critical to have insight into your inventory on hand and carrying costs. Being able to see the value of inventory in transit allows for teams to forecast carrying costs more accurately, and make better fulfillment decisions.

Tune in to this on-demand demo of our new Inbound Shipments module integration, hosted by SourceDay’s VP of NetSuite, Colby Young.

In this on-demand webinar, we cover:

  1. The challenges organizations face when trying to track critical shipments from suppliers
  2. The solution for getting data from suppliers about shipments
  3. How SourceDay’s PO Collaboration platform is Built for Netsuite, and built to give you total ownership of your inbound shipping processes

Marking POs as Hot in SourceDay

SourceDay’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Michael Malthaner, demonstrates how to mark POs as hot in SourceDay to give buyers and suppliers visibility into what POs need to be prioritized.

SourceDay Supplier Success

Hear from Colby Young, VP of NetSuite Unit at SourceDay, about the multifaceted seamless supplier support SourceDay offers its customers.

Supplier PO Acknowledgement Process in SourceDay

Tune into this demonstration by SourceDay’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Michael Malthaner, to get some more insight into the supplier PO acknowledgement process in SourceDay.

Colby Young

VP of NetSuite Unit @ SourceDay

Colby Young brings many years of supply chain expertise supporting product organizations growth by utilizing automation to enhance supplier collaboration and boost supplier performance. Colby runs the NetSuite Business Unit at SourceDay as the go-to and best-in-class Built for NetSuite partner for direct spend supplier portal. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, retail, or consumer product company, Colby has experience supporting complex supply chain goals and helping implement best practices for all things direct spend procure-to-pay.

Daren Szakelyhidi

Solutions Consultant @ SourceDay

Daren has a diverse background from working in the steel manufacturing industry, managing freight invoicing and payment activities for global companies, and leading global fortune 500 companies in solution design for procurement digital transformations. Daren’s manufacturing and AP management experience provides a solid real-life foundation for the procure-to-pay business process which continues to help him be a trusted advisor with customers. In 2021, Daren joined the SourceDay presales team after more than 10 years at SAP. Daren is helping to implement programs that will continue to drive solution alignment and value for SourceDay customers.

Michael Malthaner

Solutions Consultant @ SourceDay

Michael has experience working in contract management, procurements, logistics, and inventory management for two different Oil and Gas companies. Additionally, he has experience working at NetSuite as a Solution Consultant in the Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, and Retail verticals. Michael joined the SourceDay team in early 2022 and aims to help businesses streamline their P2P processes through automation.