NetSuite Procurement Webinar 06.14.22

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Supercharge Your NetSuite Procurement Module

Have you ever been doing something and thought, “There’s gotta be a better way”?

Ya, us too.

Bottom line. Communicating, updating, and collaborating with your suppliers shouldn’t be that hard. But the reality is, with NetSuite alone, there isn’t a great way to communicate PO changes or updates with your suppliers.

The way it is – you have three options and one obvious winner:

  • Continue using spreadsheets, sticky notes, and communicating through long email chains
  • Using the NetSuite Vendor Center
  • SourceDay

Join SourceDay’s NetSuite experts, Colby Young and Michael Malthaner, in this on-demand webinar to explain why SourceDay’s built for NetSuite PO Collaboration platform serves as a highly sought-after extension for NetSuite users.

Colby and Michael cover:

  1. How to see risks early and what to do next
  2. The new Inbound Shipping module and why it’s a game-changer
  3. How SourceDay works with your NetSuite system to manage PO changes

Colby Young

VP, NetSuite Business Unit

Michael Malthaner

Sr. Solutions Engineer