The Hidden Link Between On-Time Delivery and Manufacturing Efficiency

The Hidden Link Between On-Time Delivery and Manufacturing Efficiency

Curious how Terri Decker, Supply Chain Performance Manager at JBT Orlando, reduced late deliveries by 40% and improved manufacturing efficiency?

Terri Decker and SourceDay’s Sarah Moore will discuss supply chain performance metrics your team should be tracking and how to improve efficiencies in your own organization. Terri will get specific about how JBT Orlando uses SaaS technology to streamline purchasing, operations, and financial processes.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Late Order?

JBT set out to improve on-time delivery, both from suppliers and to their customers. Find out which surprising metric helped predict late orders and how improving that metric became a “game changer.”

The OTD “Game Changer” JBT AeroTech Discovered

Terri Decker of JBT Orlando talks about the big-picture metrics their team monitors to ensure lines stay running and the surprising warning sign of late orders.

JBT Saves $$$ in Inventory Costs with SourceDay

When you can count on parts to arrive on time, you can carry less safety stock. Hear from JBT AeroTech about how they reduced inventory from key suppliers.

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Terri Decker

JBT Orlando

With 28 years of manufacturing experience, Terri has expertise in product quality, supplier quality, operations management, and supply chain improvement. A qualified Lean-Sigma practitioner, she has participated in continuous improvement teams and factory visits across the globe. Her current position is that of Supply Chain Performance Manager for JBT Aerotech, assigned to their Orlando facility.

Sarah Moore


Sarah Moore is the CMO of SourceDay. Sarah brings 25 years of leadership experience at Software as a Service companies. She’s dedicated her career to helping companies adopt new technology to solve old problems in a variety of enterprise software categories, including supply chain, ecommerce, BPM, and SMMS. As the company’s lead marketer, Sarah is passionate about celebrating SourceDay customers’ success and encouraging others to learn what’s possible when they embrace change.