Optimizing Inventory Management Lessons from Real World Challenges with Michael Ryan

Prevent Missing Parts From Costing You Unplanned Downtime

Michael Ryan tells the story he experienced about a $150,000 truck that couldn’t be assembled on a production line because a missing U-bolt forced it to sit idle. This type of unplanned downtime occurs when PO data is incorrect in your ERP system because change communications were missed.

Prevent miscommunications with suppliers with SourceDay’s innovative supplier collaboration software – we accommodate your work style whether you use email, EDI, or a portal.

Talk to a supply chain consultant today to partner with SourceDay and prevent PO issues that could impact your bottom line.

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Optimize Your Inventory Management to Protect Revenue

How does SourceDay improve supplier collaboration and processes? Automated workflows, reduced fees on expedited shipping and overtime, 100% PO delivery, and visibility into the entire PO lifecycle. We facilitate flexible supplier engagement styles: email, EDI, or through the platform.

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