Taking the Pain Out of Accounts Payable with Napoleon & Synergy

Taking the Pain Out of Accounts Payable with Napoleon & Synergy

In this webinar, we focused exclusively on the final stage of the purchase order process: paying supplier invoices. Anyone who’s managed accounts payables for a manufacturer, distributor, or CPG brand knows that purchase orders and invoices rarely match. So how is it possible that Napoleon, a lead producer of grills, cut down on manual invoice matching by 95%?

Napoleon, Synergy, and SourceDay discussed how Napoleon used technology to reduce the time it took to pay supplier invoices, resulting in hard cost savings and early payment discounts.

The Only Touchless AP Automation Solution

Hear how Napoleon was able to process up to 95% of their invoices automatically with no human intervention thanks to SourceDay’s AP Automation Solution.

Napoleon’s Speedy Month End Close

LouAnn Clarke of Napoleon Products shares how they were able to cut their month end close process down from 14 days to only 2 days.

Better Visibility Leads to More Discounts

Find out how LouAnn Clarke and Lisa Payne from Napoleon’s finance team were able to triple their cash discounts after SourceDay provided more visibility of their cash position.

Watch on Demand: Taking the Pain Out of Accounts Payable

Watch the full webinar here.