PO Collaboration Platform – May 2022 New Features and Updates

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PO Collaboration Platform Updates: On-Demand Overview and Q&A for Buyers and Suppliers

The SourceDay Platform is being updated and new features are being added!

Join SourceDay’s Director of Customer Success, Christine McAvoy, and Product & Content Specialist, Lisa Furler, for an on-demand overview and Q&A session covering the newest SourceDay Platform features.

This on-demand overview follows the below agenda:

  1. React Supplier Tasks– A consistent look and search functionality as the rest of the PO table, making it easier to take action on specific PO lines.
  2. PO Messages– The Notify Vendor and Notify Buyer action are now called Messages action. See all historical communication of PO lines in one place.
  3. Ready to Ship– Suppliers who do not have the responsibility to fully ship POs to a buyer’s location, can mark shipments as “Ready to Ship”, and the buyer will take over the shipping!
  4. Accept/Reject section– Now called Accept/Propose Changes. Sneak peek: buyers can now choose to overwrite promise dates for specific PO lines.

Lisa Furler

Product and Content Specialist

Christine McAvoy

Director, Customer Success