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Prairie Machine

This equipment manufacturer for the heavy industrial and mining industries improved supplier PO acknowledgement by 41% and on-time delivery by 11% in the first year of working with SourceDay.

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Risk management is always top of mind for us. Anything coming in late has an impact on our production, which in turn impacts delivery. This was one of the key drivers for us wanting SourceDay.

Mike Thomas, Technical Services Manager, Prairie Machine


Improved supplier PO acknowledgements in the first year


Improved OTD in the first year


Direct spend lines collaborated on with SourceDay

Change Management Made Easy – Realizing Benefits Quickly

The team needed a solution that would allow everyone to access PO details and make updates in real time. They also needed a more efficient way to communicate that reduced the team’s dependence on e-mail.

When the decision was made to work with SourceDay, Prairie Machine decided to roll out usage of SourceDay in a limited capacity, but when they realized how beneficial it was, they expanded utilization of the platform on a greater scale until 99% of all direct spend lines were being collaborated on through SourceDay.

Mike Thomas, Technical Services Manager at Prairie Machine stated: “The onboarding process is top-notch. Very hands-on by SourceDay and very hands-off by us. The support team did the heavy lifting of onboarding our suppliers.”

Risk management is always top of mind for us. Anything coming in late has an impact on our production, which in turn impacts delivery. This was one of the key drivers for us wanting SourceDay.

Mike Thomas
Technical Services Manager, Prairie Machine

Improved Communications & Greater Visibility


  • A single PO management platform allowed for visibility across the team on all open POs.
  • Automated communications assured no emails were missed, nor shipments delayed.
  • Ease of implementation and adoption encouraged the team to expand utilization of SourceDay rapidly.


  • Reliance on email prior to SourceDay limited communications to a single buyer at a time.
  • Manual PO tracking caused excessive administrative work for the team.
  • Late deliveries cost the company money when project schedules were off.


Streamlined Processes Adapted to Preferred Workflows

Each member of the team had the opportunity to provide input. This collective approach resulted in enthusiastic adoption, but another contributor to the team’s embrace of SourceDay was that it didn’t disrupt their workflow. They were able to reduce unnecessary steps and streamline processes without having to adjust their day-to-day work. Prairie Machine’s vendors have also been quick to get on board. Within weeks, approximately 80% of its purchases were flowing through SourceDay.


Year One: 41% More Supplier PO Acknowledgements

The team began seeing results immediately after implementing SourceDay. They can see expected dates and receive notifications alerting them to potential issues or updates. Without having to rely on e-mail as the primary communication, information flows from their ERP into SourceDay, so everything is centralized. And the team is no longer completely reliant on information that might be lost in someone’s inbox.

Within the first 90 days, Prairie Machine was collaborating on 85% of direct spend lines through SourceDay. Within the first year, this increased to 99%. Over the same period, they were able to improve PO acknowledgment rates by 41%.

Who We Are


SourceDay is a direct materials procurement platform focused on de-risking Purchase Order Lifecycle Management. Powered by patent-pending AI and Machine Learning, SourceDay delivers enhanced visibility, predictability, management, and accuracy to manufacturers and distributors. SourceDay integrates with any ERP system transforming costly, manual, and often error-prone tasks into precision workflows.

Prairie Machine

Prairie Machine is an equipment manufacturing leader for the heavy industrial and mining industries. Under the Rokion brand, Prairie Machine supplies industrial-strength, zero-emission, battery-powered crew and utility trucks for use in surface and underground mining operations.