RF Smart NetSuite Partner Webinar 04.07.22

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Overcoming Disruption with First Mile Technology

All companies are feeling the effects of the unprecedented supply chain disruptions we’ve seen in the past decade—inventory shortages, extreme shipping costs, long shipping times, and personnel shortages, just to name a few.

The financial barriers experienced by manufacturers between first mile and last mile delivery have created a new burden on many businesses’ supply chain. So, how do we solve these issues? How can businesses better prepare themselves for ongoing disruption, while still serving their customers?

In this on-demand webinar, SourceDay and our partner RF-SMART have brought together experts from Echelon Fitness and STH using NetSuite to discuss why businesses need to focus on optimizing and digitizing their supply chain, and where they expect to still see disruption in coming years.

Our panel discussed:

  1. The evolution of supply chain in the last decade
  2. The effects of the pandemic on first mile and last mile delivery
  3. How companies are looking at the first mile of the supply chain differently
  4. How first mile technology can bring the necessary visibility and automation to fulfill the last mile

The Importance of Being a Good Business Partner

In this clip, Greg Dahlstrom, VP of Supply Chain at Echelon Fitness, stresses the importance of being a good business partner and why that matters in the supply chain industry.

Important KPIs From a CFO’s Perspective

From a CFO’s perspective, JD Slough from STH talks about the importance of supplier communication and transparent data.

Shifts in Supply Chain From a Decade Ago to Now

From a business and operation perspective, Echelon’s Greg Dahstrom discusses the shifts in “lean” and “just in time” strategies from a decade ago to now.

Greg Dahlstrom

VP of Supply Chain @ Echelon Fitness

JD Slough

CFO @ Shafer, Troxell & Howe Inc

Ruth Rosenstock

NetSuite Partner Engagement Manager @ RF-SMART

Colby Young

VP, NetSuite Business Unit @ SourceDay