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Select Brands

How a family-owned business born in the Heartland grew from a tiny mom-and-pop domestic operation to an internationally known and trusted brand by partnering with SourceDay to automate their direct materials PO management and gaining real time visibility into their inbound inventory.

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It’s nice to just be able to go in and put the information in one place, and everybody gets to see it. And the best part? There’s not a lot of back and forth!

Karen Hong, Director of Operations, Select Brands

The Customer

Based in the heart of America in Lenexa, Kansas, with international operations in China and further afield, Select Brands is a specialty brand that designs and sells electric kitchen appliances.

The Situation

Now a third-generation family business, Select Brands had humble beginnings, born from its founder´s delight in learning the ins and outs of the housewares industry from his father (a successful entrepreneur in his own rite) while growing up in America’s heartland of Kansas City.

After more than two decades of tutelage in all things housewares, Select Brands’ founder felt confident and prepared enough to take his experience and passion and officially launch Select Brands in 1998.

The vision was simple. There was one goal: to establish a company of his own aspiring to provide consumers innovative products at an exceptional value.

From day one, Select Brands has prided itself on being a family-centered, consumer-driven organization that makes good on its promise to offer the best array of products at the best price points, so that its customers can afford to live a life of comfort, convenience, and create lasting — and mouthwatering — memories at home.

Select Brands really does believe you can have it all — quality and affordability — and it daily aims to deliver.

They [SourceDay] gave us all the information. I got on a call, had a little display, and I was like, ´Okay, this is what we need!´

Karen Hong, Director of Operations
Select Brands

The Change

Karen Hong is the Director of Operations at Select Brands, Inc. She sat down with SourceDay and explained how securing its services has been a real game-changer for the company. With Select Brands shipping to all the major retailers — from Walmart to Sam’s Club to Dollar General and more — keeping up with demand (and doing so in a timely, orderly, and non-stressful fashion) is paramount on the list of priorities.

While searching for ways to optimize this endeavor, SourceDay was recommended to Select Brands, with the promise of “having all of our orders in one place” really catching the team´s attention. According to Hong, all it took was one look and the deal was sealed. It was clear to Select Brands that SourceDay offered the solution they were seeking.

It’s nice to just be able to go in and put the information in one place, and everybody gets to see it. And the best part? There’s not a lot of back and forth! … I can easily see if a factory has seen the order and acknowledged it … which factories are lagging … then easily [address it by sending a quick message in the solution].

Karen Hong, Director of Operations
Select Brands

Why has it been so beneficial? “Before SourceDay, everything was sent by email. You can imagine that with working with factories and teams abroad — navigating constantly changing personnel involved with each email to be CCed, etc. — as the company grew, this proved to be more and more of an administrative nightmare. There were just too many moving parts to manually track.”

By setting up everything from the in-house personnel, to the logistics liaison teams, buyers, and beyond, on one central system (thanks to SourceDay), Select Brands has been able to take a collective sigh of relief, trusting that it now has a seamless, smooth purchase order management and visibility process for their inbound inventory.

Visibility, PO acknowledgments, and making sure everything is operating seamlessly from Point A to Point B is what SourceDay is providing Select Brands. When asked about the dream scenario for Select Brands, Hong answered immediately. She shared that a top priority is “Making sure our customers have what they want, when they want it.”

Thankfully, now, SourceDay is helping to make this dream a reality, every day.

At The Source

SourceDay is a Built for NetSuite PO Collaboration platform that digitizes your PO acknowledgement process and automates 100% PO delivery between buyers and suppliers. SourceDay tracks price, quantity, and delivery date changes to direct material POs and with one click updates this data in NetSuite.

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SourceDay provides PO Collaboration solutions to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and supply chains all over the world. We do more than save time and money; we transform procurement’s value proposition within the company.

Select Brands

Select Brands is now a third generation family business designing and producing small kitchen appliances. What began as very small family business (we’re talking folding tables, a fax machine and a shared computer) has expanded into a robust small appliance company with a broad portfolio of brands, offices overseas and more than 150,000 square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse space. We attribute all of this growth to our commitment to one another, the passion for our products and our loyal customers.