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NetSuite + SourceDay

SourceDay is a Built-for-NetSuite solution that integrates with your NetSuite ERP to close the gap with your supplier network. By adding to NetSuite’s functionality, SourceDay fills in these critical gaps, delivering true end-to-end PO lifecycle management. Over 50% of your POs will change—let SourceDay help you manage those changes seamlessly, all within one system, and communicate changes back to your suppliers. No more late orders, no more manual communications like emails or spreadsheets, and no more confusion with suppliers.

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SourceDay Optimizes & Extends Your NetSuite ERP

NetSuite has a place for every single part of your business—except your suppliers. SourceDay takes over after you place a PO in NetSuite, ensuring you always receive an initial acknowledgement from your supplier so that everyone’s on the same page from the start. If a PO changes, which half of them will, SourceDay lets you manage change orders, including communication of the changes themselves and acknowledgements back from your suppliers, all within the system—down to the individual line level of the PO.

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NetSuite Inbound Shipping Integration

Netsuite’s Inbound Shipments module tracks products in transit from a supplier to the customer’s facility. It can even allow you to take ownership of inventory when items ship from your suppliers’ location prior to receiving the goods. The challenge here is that the only way to get data into the module is either manual entry or uploading a CSV—and no one has time for that. Our automated NetSuite integration guides suppliers through the PO lifecycle, sending task reminders and prompting them to provide shipping info. This integration eliminates manual data entry, avoiding data errors and providing real-time visibility into all in-transit inventory to your location in NetSuite.

AP Automation for NetSuite

Manufacturers, distributors, and CPG companies know how difficult it is to match invoices, POs, and receipts to then manually create a bill in NetSuite. One invoice may include parts from several POs. Each PO could be dozens of lines long. But, with SourceDay’s AP Automation solution, you can process your direct-spend invoices automatically, from a 3-way match to the creation of a bill in NetSuite. Our solution lets you free up your AP department’s workload, pay suppliers faster and more accurately, and reduces the number of mismatched invoices.

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