Infor Product Webinar (LN, Visual, Syteline) 4.20.23

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Harnessing SourceDay’s Seamless Integration with all Infor ERPs for Enhanced Visibility and Control

Are you finding it challenging to manage your supply chain effectively, make well-informed decisions, and adapt to the constantly evolving business world?

You’re not alone! In this webinar, we’ll discuss how SourceDay’s smooth integration with your Infor ERP can help you gain better supply chain visibility, enhance data accuracy, and regain control—ultimately empowering you to make smarter decisions, save costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

This collaborative conversation will help your team discover how to unlock the true potential of your Infor Visual, Syteline, and LN ERP.

Why should you watch this webinar?

  1. Get valuable insights into supply chain management and ERP integration Explore ways to optimize your supply chain processes for greater efficiency and profitability
  2. Learn actionable strategies to implement and make the most of SourceDay’s solution
  3. Engage with our expert hosts and have your pressing questions answered during our live Q&A session

Phillip Pavelka

Product Expert, SourceDay

Mike Romeyn

Manufacturing Expert, SourceDay

Kelli Stanley

Product Marketing, SourceDay