Supercharge Your Demand Planning [Webinar-7.12]

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Supercharge Your Demand Planning

Having too much or too little inventory can cause a number of problems for your business: (1) stock-outs create upset customers and (2) too much inventory takes up space and ties up cash. Taking a proactive vs. reactionary approach to demand planning means you’re meeting your customer demand without having to carry extra stock.

Join SourceDay’s VP of NetSuite Business Unit, Colby Young, and Michael Malthaner, Sr. Solutions Consultant, for this on-demand Built for NetSuite webinar to learn:

  • Importance of having accurate, real-time, and granular PO line data for your demand planning
  • How to have a proactive approach in demand planning & make sure you don’t stock out of SKUs
  • How SourceDay and demand planning can help you start to carry less inventory

Colby Young

VP of Netsuite Business Unit, SourceDay

Michael Malthaner

Sr. Solutions Consultant, SourceDay