Supplier Portals Webinar, Summer Series

About SourceDay


August 17, 2021 | 1PM CT

Supplier Portals for Better Supplier Collaboration and Adoption

Supplier Portals help cut down on manual processes to provide a secure, transparent source of truth for your purchase order management. But, most supplier portals lack functionality to achieve these goals. In this webinar, a panel of our experts will explore why traditional supplier portals fail, and how SourceDay provides a unique, two-way communication portal for better collaboration.

  1. Why Supplier Adoption often fails
  2. How SourceDay’s supplier portal is different from the average ERP portal
  3. How SourceDay supports supplier adoption
  4. How our customers are improving supplier collaboration & management

Tom Kieley

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom Kieley is the CEO & Co-Founder of SourceDay. He founded SourceDay in 2013 after leading a supply chain group at Dell and go-to-market teams at enterprise software companies like Boomi and Pervasive. He and his co-founder started SourceDay to transform how manufacturers, distributors, and retailers collaborate with their suppliers in order to solve common supply chain & procurement challenges that both faced early in their careers.

Clint McRee

COO & Co-Founder

Thanks to his background building cross-functional teams in technology and manufacturing, Clint knows how to implement real solutions for real business challenges. From Fortune 100 companies to mid-size manufacturers, thousands of organizations use SourceDay to connect their teams with their suppliers. Since 2015, SourceDay has helped more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers process more than $66B in total spend.

Christine McAvoy

Director, Customer Success

With over a decade in Customer Success Christine McAvoy strives to deliver a world class experience for our Customers. Her consultative approach helps Customers not only meet but exceed their goals with SourceDay.

Jim Frye

Enterprise Sales Director and In-House Epicor ERP Expert

As a former Epicor ERP Solutions Engineer, Jim has helped hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies increase revenue, reduce costs, and facilitate growth through delivery of tools and services designed to optimize end-to-end value streams for small and midsize companies (up to $1B). With an acute focus on positive business outcomes and a reputation for meticulous preparation, Jim has developed a proven track record of success through balanced alignment of corporate and customer goals. Results focused and purpose driven, Jim is a recognized thought leader in the manufacturing industry and a respected business professional, adept at identifying and monetizing the business value derived from solutions to business challenges.