Syteline AP Webinar 3.8.22

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Automated AP Processes in Syteline: It’s Time to Get Unstuck

Invoice processing might be more costly than you think. Anyone who’s managed accounts payables in Syteline knows that purchase orders and invoices rarely match. And, many AP teams are still using error-prone manual processes to resolve them, which makes the process even more time-consuming and costly.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar as our experts discuss how to get unstuck from these manual approaches. SourceDay’s own Phillip Pavelka and Daren Szakelyhidi, bring their Syteline and AP expertise and experience to the conversation. We talk about invoice matching, collaboration, visibility, and how to use automation to streamline your procurement process.

This on-demand webinar will focus on:

  1. The challenges of paying supplier invoices in Syteline
  2. The measurable benefits of faster invoice payment
  3. How to increase operations efficiency and automation

Phillip Pavelka

Syteline Director @ SourceDay

Phillip is a Solutions Engineer at SourceDay, where he has spent five years working with potential and current customers on best practices for embracing technology to protect revenue and cashflow. Previously, Phillip spent 11 years in Contract Manufacturing, running operations and developing close relationships with Procurement to ensure materials did not affect customer demand.

Daren Szakelyhidi

Solutions Consultant @ SourceDay

Daren has a diverse background from working in the steel manufacturing industry, managing freight invoicing and payment activities for global companies, and leading global fortune 500 companies in solution design for procurement digital transformations. Daren’s manufacturing and AP management experience provides a solid real-life foundation for the procure-to-pay business process which continues to help him be a trusted advisor with customers. In 2021, Daren joined the SourceDay presales team after more than 10 years at SAP. Daren is helping to implement programs that will continue to drive solution alignment and value for SourceDay customers.