The SyteLine & CloudSuite Industrial Vendor Portal

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On-Demand Webinar

The SyteLine & CloudSuite Industrial Vendor Portal

The key to a successful Vendor Portal is Unified Supplier Collaboration. What is it? Come and learn.

During this session, SyteLine & CloudSuite Industrial expert Clint McRee will discuss why traditional vendor portals fail. He will cover SourceDay’s approach to Unified Supplier Collaboration and how this allows you to collaborate with ALL your suppliers in real time about direct material PO changes, ensuring quick resolution of changes in dates, prices, or quantities.

Unified Supplier Collaboration involves PO Delivery and Supplier Communication Flexibility.

100% PO Delivery: All direct material PO communication flows through SourceDay regardless of the supplier’s interaction method.

Supplier Communication Flexibility: SourceDay offers buyers and suppliers options to interact in whatever way they want to engage: use the portal, communicate via email or EDI.

Learn how Unified Supplier Collaboration can impact your business immediately.

HINT: It involves accurate ERP data, a decrease in buffer stock, more on time deliveries, and more cash in hand.

Clint McRee