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SourceDay and ISM-New Jersey are collabing to bring you Voice of Supply Chain. This monthly show is hosted by SourceDay’s Marketing Maven Sarah Scudder. Sarah interviews people in supply chain doing extraordinary things. Guests are given the opportunity to tell their personal stories about how their supply chain careers came to be, what makes them tick, learnings along the way and what’s next.

Our Voice of Supply Chain show is a LinkedIn Live series hosted on Sarah’s LinkedIn profile.

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Current Schedule of Shows:

-April 19, 2023 at 1pm CDT

-May 17, 2023 at 1pm CDT

-June 21, 2023 at 1pm CDT

March 2023

Dear friend of the show, Barb Sexton, joins us today. Barb runs partner development, corporate services for the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) OMNIA Partners. Busts her booty to help their suppliers, every day. Supplier collaboration matters a lot and, in this episode, we learn exactly why. We also explore the world of GPOs, when they make sense, and how to pick the right GPO.

December 2022

Lara Nichols is in the house and she is crusin' these supply chain streets. Lara Nichols was our 12th interview of the year for Voice of supply chain. The purpose of this show is to tell stories of people in supply chain doing extraordinary things – the personal, mushy stuff, childhood, college, her first paying gig, the hows and whys, trainwrecks and lessons learned. She spills it all.

August 2022

G'Sean Williams is the Head of Indirect Procurement, Floor and Decor at CPSM. He shares his interesting life story, insights on indirect procurement, the struggles, why it's important and how technology is changing the why how and what companies buy. You'll learn G'Sean's wisdom when it comes to the challenges with stakeholder engagement and how to get people to WANT to work with procurement.

February 2023

Sarah is joined by rockstar Susan Harrison in the hot seat today. Susan spent her procurement career in food service: worked for a co-op, a casino and a few restaurant chains. Susan shares everything from getting her degree in Music Education, spending 6 years as a nanny after college living in Connecticut, Miami and Atlanta and how she landed in the food service industry.

November 2022

Craig Smith runs procurement for DHI Group – moving back and forth between tactical and strategic efforts is the name of his game. He handles renewals, new vendor deals, NDAs, and other one-off requests by partnering with their FP&A team and the lone wolf on their legal team. He works with these same teams to identify areas of opportunities around cost savings/cost avoidance and budgeting/forecasting.

July 2022

There are boss ladies, and then there's Purvee Kondal, a badass IT sourcing leader and procurement officer. In this month's edition of Voice of Supply Chain, CMO of SourceDay, Sarah Scudder, chats with Purvee about her life story, professionalism, using tech to do manual work, hiring smart people and letting them roll with the punches, and much MUCH more.

January 2023

In this Voice of Supply Chain episode, Sarah interviews Michael Leiken. Sarah has known Michael for several years now and they explore it ALL. More story telling. More interviews exposing the personal journeys of supply chain peeps doing extraordinary thangs.There are awesome people in our industry and our goal is to make their stories known to the world.

September 2022

Mark Raffan is the CEO and Founder of a company that teaches people how to negotiate, does a lot of work in the supply chain space, and teaches buyers and teams how to better negotiate with their suppliers and internal stakeholders. Mark shares some negotiation tips during the interview to give you some actionable things you can start doing to immediately be a better negotiator.

June 2022

In this episode of Voice of Supply Chain, Sarah Scudder (CMO, SourceDay) interviewed Michael Van Keulen and he is THE MAN. If you don't know MVK, you will. He's hilarious, witty, brilliant, an incredible leader, and understands the importance of companies using technology to automate manual supply chain tasks.

May 2022

Get ready to be WOWed as Dr. Elouise Epstein discusses her extensive consulting career, walks us through the ins and outs of supply chain tech and AI, how companies can and should successfully implement new procurement technology, and even shares her love of fashion and appreciation for people with style.

April 2022

In this episode of Voice of Supply Chain, sponsored by ISM New Jersey and SourceDay, CMO of SourceDay, Sarah Scudder is joined by Melissa Drew. Melissa is a total boss lady, wicked smart, a great speaker and storyteller. She's had quite a supply chain career, knows tons about AI and supply chain technology and she's here to share all her wisdom.

March 2022

In this episode of Voice of Supply Chain, brought to you by SourceDay and ISM, CMO of SourceDay, Sarah Scudder is joined by Donna Donato, CEO of Americas Region. Donna bares her soul. She share her life story, what worked and what did not work, her failures and successes. Surely this episode will leave you thinking about how you can apply her lessons learned to your career journey.

February 2022

In this episode, Sarah sits down with Sneha Kumari. Sneha brings it: The tough question: personal and professional, she tells it like it is. They cover how she's accelerated her supply chain career, industry predictions, advice, and how to navigate the supply chain craziness and better manage your direct spend.

January 2022

In this 2022 kickoff Voice of Supply Chain episode, host Sarah Scudder of SourceDay, sits down with Anna McGovern. Anna shares compelling stories from her childhood, the experience growing up with the American dream instilled within her Syrian immigrant parents, role models and leaders that developed her independently and professionally, her 22 years of work at Unilever and the decision to leave her position to take a role as in supply chain.

December 2021

In this episode, Sarah Scudder hosts our show with guest Joselina Peralta, Executive Board Member of Zora's Cradl. Joselina shares her favorite childhood memory, the experience of pursuing her postgraduate degree, women leadership in the workplace and how we are in the age of change and have the power to make positive impact.

November 2021

Sarah Scudder, now CMO at SourceDay, interviews Jane Zhang, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, ETCH Sourcing. Jane brings tremendous energy to the conversation as well as a unique perspective about sourcing and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

October 2021

In this episode, Sarah Scudder hosts our show with guest Kelly Barner. Kelly is the Owner and Editor of Buyers Meeting Point, and today, we get to know her on a more personal level and her stories of doing what makes her uncomfortable in order to succeed.

September 2021

In this episode, Sarah Scudder hosts our show with guest Sam Gupta, founder of WBSR Rocks and CEO of his own consulting firm. Sam recalls his creativity soaring at such a young age and how that continued into his adulthood, how he learned about financial management early on and his early influences.

August 2021

Sarah Scudder talks to her very dear friend, Susan Walsh about her journey to entrepreneurship. From early childhood Christmas traditions, to her journey into adulthood, Susan shares the her triumphs and tribulations in this month's episode.

July 2021

In this episode, we hear from Tamra Pawloski, a global woman procurement professional who has been a big advocate and proponent of women in the industry throughout her career. We explore everything from her early childhood to specific personal experiences she's had throughout her life.

June 2021

In this special episode, hosted by Sarah Scudder, we hear the personal journey and origin story of Michael Cadieux, Founder of Procurement Foundry. We get to know Michael as more than the leader and founder of Procurement Foundry but the unique and interesting things that make him who he is. We dive into his childhood and being an entrepreneur and a chief procurement officer.

February 2021

This month's episode is hosted by Sarah Scudder where she interviews Sarah Barnes-Humphrey about her experience of having everything, losing it all, and how she has managed to overcome hardship. She discusses the struggles she experienced early in her career, how she started Let's Talk Supply Chain and Ships, and the launch her podcasts.

January 2021

In this first episode, Sarah interviews Procurement Foundry member Jenti Vandertuig. Jenti shares her story as early as her adolescence in India, to getting married and moving to the United states, the struggles she faced as an immigrant and how perseverance and a dedication to volunteerism led her to her career in procurement.