SourceDay For Any ERP

SourceDay For Any ERP

No matter what ERP you’re using, we’ve got you covered. SourceDay works directly with any ERP via flat file integration, which allows you to automatically import and export data from SourceDay to your ERP system. That means you can use SourceDay to manage every PO from beginning to end without custom integration required.

Extend your ERP with real time PO Collaboration

SourceDay bridges the gap between your ERP, buyers, and suppliers. Every PO is managed from one solution for buyers, while suppliers have the flexibility to work in any way they choose with one-click acknowledgement and no implementation. And with flat file, buying teams get the full capability of the SourceDay solution—PO collaboration, ASNs, supplier performance, management-by-exception, real-time visibility, and ERP data accuracy.

What is a flat file?

We’re glad you asked. A flat file is essentially a collection of records in which each line holds one record of data. These files can be used across a number of different applications and database programs, including SourceDay and your ERP. Bridging the two applications via flat file enables a fully automated export-import process.

How does SourceDay’s flat file integration work?

SourceDay has defined a flat file specification to exchange data with your ERP in the most secure, simplest and scalable method. The flat files contain PO records, receipt information etc. and these files are formatted just like a CSV file. Flat file integration uses secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to securely transfer data between SourceDay and your ERP.

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