Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicle Manufacturing

PO Collaboration for Vehicle, Automotive Parts, Boats, and Marine Manufacturers

Managing POs in vehicle manufacturing can feel like navigating a complex circuit. SourceDay is your co-pilot, transforming how you handle direct material POs from start to finish. Plus, we integrate with any ERP.

Supplier Flexibility & Collaboration

Stay in one process & meet your suppliers where they’re at. Large, small, EDI-equipped, or not – we fit them all. No complicated supplier adoption.

ERP Accuracy, Amplified

Say goodbye to inaccurate data and miscommunications. Your ERP will reflect the reality of every order, every time.

Reduced Workload

Reduce PO-related clerical tasks by up to 33%. That’s not just efficiency; that’s a game-changer.

Connect With Your Suppliers

Only SourceDay brings together disparate direct material supplier workflows, unifying buyer and supplier collaboration in one place. Meet suppliers where they are, or where they want to be with flexible options for email, platform and EDI workflows.

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