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Automated 3 Way Matching for AP is Here!

In the Automated 3 Way Matching for AP is Here webinar, SourceDay COO & Co-Founder Clint McRee, discusses how automated 3-way matching can transform Accounts Payable processes, reduce costs, and speed up transactions.

Manual invoice processing can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. From the start, someone needs to manually receive and enter invoices into the ERP system. This step alone can lead to huge delays, errors, and leave supplier invoices sitting for days or weeks.

“Nothing is more frustrating than when you pay the wrong amount to your suppliers and now you have to chase after it.”

Clint McRee
SourceDay COO & Co-Founder

In the webinar, Clint McRee and SourceDay Solutions Engineer Phillip Pavelka, discuss several common AP related pitfalls.

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Do you lack visibility to supplier payment obligations?
  • Is 3-way matching a manual process?
  • Is vouchering within your ERP a manual process?
  • Do you have an automated way to provide invoice status updates to suppliers?
  • What is the opportunity cost of your AP department’s time?
  • Are you frequently overpaying suppliers?

If they do, register to watch the full webinar and learn about the supplier disconnect that effects AP departments, sit in on a Q&A, and see a live demo of SourceDay’s AP product.