Supplier Collaboration

Epicor MRP Relies On Accurate Data. SourceDay Delivers.

Epicor MRP is a powerful tool for direct materials supply chain pros, and many manufacturers would love to have it at their disposal. Through it, direct materials teams determine what inventory to buy, when to buy it, and how much they should buy. The system relies on inputs from the team: forecasts about sales or demand, open purchase orders (POs) and dates, etc. Using these inputs, the MRP makes suggestions about what steps to take next on each order. Should it be pulled in, pushed out, or canceled? 

This is incredibly useful for users on the procurement side. They have all the information they need to create POs and shepherd them through their lifecycle. One major challenge is that on its own, Epicor ERP does not extend the PO data to suppliers. So dates and quantities may or may not be accurate. And Epicor MRP relies on buyers to get updates from suppliers via emails and spreadsheets, then adding all of that data into Epicor. And let’s face it, this just isn’t going to happen often enough or with enough accuracy to truly move the needle.

And since we know that over half of all POs will change in their lifetime, it’s safe to assume that many are affected by manual data entry errors, if the data was entered into the ERP at all. Let’s assume 50 or even 75% of those POs are entered correctly—how much money has been left on the table through the other percentage?

Inaccurate data is one major reason why companies do not invest in an MRP solution. After all, what good are data-based recommendations if the data is wrong to begin with?

You probably guessed it: this is where SourceDay comes in and saves the day for MRP data challenges. SourceDay ensures that all PO data is accurate in real time. No human error, no forgetting to enter data. Buyers manage their daily workflows in SourceDay, collaborating closely with suppliers on each PO and line change and ensuring that the MRP is running on correct data.

SourceDay allows split lines, meaning suppliers can send delivery schedules for partial shipment and the MRP knows when inventory will actually land on the loading dock. The MRP’s recommendations are often not actioned to suppliers because of the reliance on emails and phone calls. With SourceDay, buyers can quickly action pull ins, push outs, and cancellations, then allow SourceDay’s automated system to follow up for commitments.

The bottom line is that Epicor MRP is only as valuable as the data that it can access in Epicor ERP. This is really a conversation about supply chain visibility: does your system have the most accurate, relevant data at all times? If you’re like most supply chain pros we talk to, the answer is a resounding, “We wish!”

SourceDay handles all of this and more. We call it Unified Supplier Collaboration, and it’s the key to both yours and our success. SourceDay automates every step of the PO process, making sure Epicor ERP is updated every time a PO change is made, an update is sent, or an acknowledgment is requested. 

Buyers manage every PO from one solution, regardless of each individual supplier’s workflow. Suppliers can choose to stick to their email workflow if they choose. SourceDay delivers POs straight to their inbox, where they can click through to manage updates from a browser. If a supplier uses EDI, that’s also fine. And if they decide to use SourceDay, they can collaborate directly with buyers from the cloud.

No matter what, ERP data stays 100% accurate and up-to-date, which ensures that Epicor MRP recommendations are always reliable. 

No more emails and phone calls, hoping to get the information needed from suppliers. No more delays on updates or forgetting to follow up. SourceDay automates every step of the process, keeps everyone on the same page, and does it with no supplier onboarding required. Only SourceDay maximizes the value of your Epicor MRP and ERP solutions.

SourceDay’s Unified Supplier Collaboration solution guarantees PO delivery and gives buyers a central location to manage every order from every supplier with prescriptive, automated workflows, valuable performance insights, and 100% accurate data every step of the way. That means every piece of data fed into Epicor MRP is accurate and you can trust the recommendations it gives you. 

Eliminate manual processes and data entry that lead to costly delays. Gain visibility across the supply chain. Eliminate hundreds of hours of needless clerical work. And get everything out of that powerful Epicor MRP you’ve invested in. Only SourceDay does all this and more, and we’d love to show you what we mean. 

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can boost your supply chain performance? Drop us a line here and we’ll set up a time for a demo.