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Friendship, Collaboration & Partnership: How Cypress, DRI & SourceDay are Fostering All Three

Earlier this month, the SourceDay Squad sat down with John Haddox of Decision Resources, Inc., and Greg Child of Cypress Technologies to chat about what they do, how they view the supply chain challenges of today and tomorrow, and how they leverage technology to hit their goals.

We also talked about the unique personal connections between DRI, Cypress, and SourceDay and the success Cypress has had since adding SourceDay to their SyteLine ERP.

Meet DRI

We chatted with John Haddox, the COO at Decision Resources, Inc., (DRI). DRI is a technology consulting firm focused on SyteLine ERP and supporting technology solutions. DRI helps mid-market organizations become more competitive through the use and adoption of the latest technologies, teaching industry-specific best business practices, and by creatively solving business challenges that they face.Founded in 1978 in Pittsburgh, they have helped hundreds of businesses implement SyteLine.

They serve a diverse group of companies across a wide range of industries like industrial manufacturing, electronics, distribution, food processing, contract manufacturing, and much more. 

Their recent growth has been driven by their early adoption of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. They were one of the first companies to embrace cloud computing, allowing them to offer their clients a more scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution through automated insights and predictive analytics. 

Through a partnership formed in 2022, DRI now includes SourceDay in many of their ERP implementations, adding value to their offerings via better collaboration and supplier performance.

Meet Cypress

Greg Child is the CEO at Cypress Technologies, having been with the company since its founding in 1987. Cypress works hard to establish their suppliers as true partners, rather than focusing only on a transactional business model. In fact, some of Cypress’s partners have been ordering from them since the company was founded!

Cypress provides electro-mechanical assemblies for use across multiple industries including energy and medical devices, such as box and panel builds, sub assembly work, cables, harnesses, and other metal and plastic products. Their focus is developing and delivering the industry’s most rugged, and reliable products for some of the harshest environments. Cypress works closely with their customers to solve problems and provide solutions for manufacturing design, quality improvements, and cost savings. 

The Connection

This is where SourceDay comes into the story, but maybe not how you might expect. Greg from Cypress actually went to high school with SourceDay’s COO and co-founder, Clint McRee. After college, the two reconnected at Cypress, where Clint worked for nine years.

Not only that, but SourceDay’s Mike Romeyn also worked at Cypress—for 18 years!

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

Many years ago, at a certain point in growth, Cypress knew it was time to add an ERP solution. They really needed critical information right when they needed it. So they turned to DRI and implemented SyteLine to replace their custom software.

SyteLine gave them a wealth of new capabilities, including improved customer management, APS, and estimating. But there was one piece missing. Open orders were problematic because their supplier vendors didn’t effectively communicate changes. Order confirmations were often lost in someone’s inbox and overall communication suffered because they couldn’t truly work together on POs.

While communication was a big issue for Cypress, the biggest need like so many manufacturers were parts and holding suppliers accountable to delivering their parts/products on-time. Talk about trouble.

The Solution

Cypress added SourceDay as a bolt-on to their SyteLine ERP and wouldn’t ya know it? Their open order management has gotten much smoother. All shipment tracking information is available in real time. Changes are managed effectively and quickly. SourceDay automatically reads POs in SyteLine, then sends them with a notification to the supplier. Order confirmations happen quickly. And both buyers and suppliers can make recommended changes in the solution, with each party able to accept or revise those changes. And, part delivery has improved!

Even more importantly, Cypress has built stronger relationships with suppliers. They see them as strategic partners and everyone has the tools they need to work toward shared goals. 

What Goes Around, Comes Around

It’s been a decade or four since Greg and Clint graduated high school, but they’ve managed to stay connected all these years. Reflecting on the history of their relationship, it’s clear to all three companies that friendship and partnership are key to business growth. Just like Greg and Clint, the partnership between DRI and SourceDay has never been stronger. The two companies continue to bring value to their joint customers, giving them the technology they need to improve operations and protect revenue, just as they did with Cypress. 

Are YOU ready to see how SourceDay can transform your supply chain? Drop us a line and let’s get to work.

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