Purchase Order Automation

Managing Customer PO Change Requests

COVID-19 has caused buyers and suppliers to juggle an unprecedented number of purchase order change requests. On average, 36% of PO lines change during a PO’s lifecycle. COVID-19’s disruption on supply chains has caused this average to rise to 61%.  Managing PO change requests can be overwhelming. It only takes one missed email or update to disrupt production and cause late orders. So it’s never been more important to prioritize and resolve PO change requests efficiently.

In this blog, I’ll highlight how SourceDay’s PO Collaboration and Change Request feature can help you manage a high volume of PO changes and keep customer orders moving on-time.

At a time like this, you might feel more comfortable using email to manage the growing number of PO changes. But this can be unruly, and make it hard to keep your customers and internal stakeholders up to date. SourceDay allows you to manage all of your customers’ PO changes and requests in one place, so you can be sure nothing was missed over email.

As COVID-19 disruption continues, more of your customers will require change requests. Some will even need multiple change requests on the same order. SourceDay gives your customer a way to communicate a large number of change requests efficiently, and tracks your responses on every PO line automatically. Rather than juggle dozens of emails, it’s easy to log-in, review customer change requests, and respond to them–all in one dashboard.

Change Requests

Just select one or more purchase order lines in SourceDay’s PO dashboard, then collaborate over them directly in the platform. Rest easy knowing every request and reply is tracked automatically. So you never have to worry that your responses will be lost in your customers’ inboxes. 

Learn more about how to keep your customers’ purchase orders on track with SourceDay’s PO Collaboration Solution.