Company Updates

Partner Feature Highlight: Paul Tedford of Synergy Resources

Each month we highlight one of our awesome partners. This month, we sat down with Paul Tedford, the CEO of Synergy Resources, LLC. Let’s see what Paul’s been up to.

Give us 3-5 personal/random fun facts about yourself that most people do not know about you.

  • My officemate is my 12-year-old boxer, so if you hear snoring on a Teams Meeting, it is not me, I promise!
  • I have a tough time passing up a contest or a dare – it is that competitive spirit I cannot seem to shake.
  • I am a huge rock `n roll fan including Kiss, Rustic Overtones, Nothing More, and others.

What is a 2023 bucket list item you are planning to check off?

Ski out west (Utah or Colorado) for the first time in my life.

What do you do for your company?

My day-to-day consists of:

  • Serving our team at Synergy. It is important to me to meet with every employee one-on-one to hear how they are doing and what is next for them, what ideas they have for Synergy, etc. 
  • Meeting with customers and prospects to build long term partnerships and stay up to date on their needs and what they feel they will need in future.
  • Working with our partners such as SourceDay, Infor, and Acumatica to improve our offerings to our customer base and our partnerships in general.
  • Keeping an eye out for what is next in our industry so we can help our customers when they want to take advantage of the next new innovation.
  • Ensuring that we are constantly improving our services and software delivery so that we have satisfied customers who realize meaningful results when working with Synergy.

What does your company do?

Synergy’s mission is to help manufacturing and distribution customers realize their powerful potential through continuous improvement, relentless resourcefulness, and collaborative ingenuity that recognizes no limits. This mission is realized by helping companies choose & implement the right ERP solutions, best practices, and processes to meet their business goals today and in the future.

What problem do you solve?

The first problem we solve is the risk in ERP implementation. Our methodology, best practices for our customers unique vertical, and our consultants’ years of expertise allow us to ensure a successful implementation. Through updated software tools and processes, we are also able to solve many problems that today’s manufacturers have around limited talent pool, general inefficiency, costing & margins visibility by product, shop floor and delivery performance, supply chain, etc.

How do you solve it?

First, we work to deeply understand our clients’ needs by having a few members of our staff assess the current state and desired future state. From there, we can prescribe the right software toolset and services/best practices required. Our staff’s expertise is second to none in the Manufacturing ERP business. The years of knowledge we have serving over 1300 customers ensures that we have seen even the most unique business problems and know how to solve them.

What makes your solution different from anything else in the market?

We have expertise with a few different market-leading ERP solutions. Due to this we can assess our clients’ needs before recommending the right ERP. Most ERP partners only have one solution, so they try to make that fit—regardless of the company’s unique requirements. Our Center of Excellence—a team of ERP-agnostic business process improvement specialists— and our forward-thinking Innovation Center are both unique services in our market. They allow us to be a long-term partner that our clients can use as their business challenges change over time. Lastly, we have integrated an ecosystem of best-in-class solutions like SourceDay into the ERPs we offer so our customers do not have to pay a large fee for a one-off integration.

What initially attracted you to the SourceDay solution?

I met Clint McCree at a tradeshow several years ago. At that time, we were being asked by several clients to build a supplier collaboration portal. Many of the features we had on our roadmap were already in SourceDay. SourceDay also onboarded both our clients and our clients’ suppliers which is a huge value-add for our customer base.

Why did your company decide to partner with SourceDay?

The efficiencies gained by adding a supplier-collaboration portal allow our customers to focus on strategic improvements to their supply chain, versus catching up on emails, phone calls, sticky notes, re-keying data into ERP, etc. We already had many A&D companies looking for this solution, but we learned that many other verticals were very interested in this model. Today we have over 50 shared customers with SourceDay and remarkable success stories such as Napoleon Products.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about YOU?

I always welcome the opportunity to answer questions for someone new to ERP. If you are considering ERP and want to ask questions, or seek guidance on what to look out for, I will not push our products. I just love helping manufacturers and distributors who are considering a continuous improvement project that includes ERP or Business Process Improvement. You can contact me by email at [email protected] or contact Synergy at or call our office at 631-665-2050.