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SourceDay Boosts Supply Chain Performance For Infor Visual Manufacturing Firms

In today’s fast-paced supply chain environment, businesses must have efficient and effective procurement processes in place to beat the competition. As your organization grows, direct materials procurement can become more complex. This makes it difficult to manage suppliers, purchase goods and services, and track orders. 

That’s where SourceDay comes in.

SourceDay is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the purchase order (PO) and supplier management process for manufacturers, retailers, healthcare companies, and more.

And SourceDay is particularly useful for Infor Visual manufacturing and Infor LN operations. Infor Visual is a powerful ERP solution that manages an astonishing amount of a company’s business. This can include finance, sales, and procurement. But on the direct materials buying side, gaps remain between suppliers, buyers, and the ERP system. 

Because buyers often communicate via email, the information they collect is often only batched into Infor Visual every 10 days. That means virtually everyone is in the dark about the status of purchase orders.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways SourceDay brings everyone together around accurate data, automates hundreds of hours of clerical work, and extends the value of the ERP for Infor Visual manufacturing companies..

Supply Chain Visibility

What do we mean when we say supply chain visibility? We’re talking about the ability to track parts and materials orders throughout the entire process. This means from the time the PO is cut until the shipment arrives on your dock. 

Without visibility across the entire supply chain, you can expect delays, errors, and costly mistakes to crop up regularly. This includes missed deadlines, missed discount windows, and missed opportunities for improvement. That’s a lot of misses you can’t afford.

SourceDay provides real-time visibility into the entire procurement process for Infor Visual manufacturing and Infor LN manufacturing organizations. Now, buying teams can track orders, manage suppliers, and identify potential issues before they become major problems. 

With SourceDay, buyers and supply chain managers know exactly what to expect and when. If changes are made to a PO, buyers know immediately and SourceDay writes that information directly into Infor Visual ERP.

You need to get every person involved access to 100% accurate supply chain data. This helps leaders make agile decisions and adjustments to their operations to head-off potential issues. Forecasting and planning are now much more accurate, which allows buyers to think and work strategically, rather than only tactically.

Come On, Come On, Let’s Work Together

Buyers and suppliers work closely together, but when they rely on emails to communicate, their efficiency and overall performance suffers. Imagine waiting hours or even days for an acknowledgment, only to learn that it’s been buried in a cluttered inbox the whole time. SourceDay steps in here to create seamless supply chain collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

All correspondence happens in the solution and all within the context of specific POs. Infor Visual manufacturing companies can now approach their suppliers as valued partners, rather than just transactional relationships. 

Suppliers can see every PO, update order statuses, and communicate with buyers about changes and ways to improve. The SourceDay solution has features for automated acknowledgments and automated change order management. This eliminates errors and makes sure everyone stays on the same page.


Another benefit for Infor Visual manufacturing operations is the improved efficiency SourceDay provides for both buyers and suppliers. By automating manual procurement tasks, SourceDay frees up valuable time and resources, enabling manufacturers to focus on more strategic work. 

SourceDay automates tasks like PO creation, change order management, and supplier performance. This helps to track and remove errors while saving time and resources that can be allocated to other important tasks.

After adopting SourceDay, most buying teams see a 25-30% reduction in their clerical PO workload. 

SourceDay provides a central platform for procurement and supplier management at Infor Visual manufacturing companies. SourceDay reduces the need for manufacturers to manage these processes through multiple disparate systems. This leads to a more efficient procurement process overall, and can result in reduced costs associated with manual processes, such as data entry errors, missed deadlines, and inefficient supplier management.

Supplier Performance and Strategy

Supplier management can be a complex and time-consuming process for Infor Visual manufacturing companies. This is especially true for those whose procurement teams rely on outdated processes. You need a platform that provides a wide range of supplier management tools to streamline this process. 

For example, SourceDay can help manufacturers to manage supplier performance, track deliveries, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

SourceDay also provides a range of analytics and reporting tools that can help manufacturers to identify supplier performance trends, and make data-driven decisions on which suppliers to work with. This helps ensure that manufacturers are working with the best suppliers and leads to improved supplier relationships and long-term cost savings.

Integration and Support

Integration processes for many new software purchases can be daunting. They can often even deter companies from pulling the trigger on a new solution. One of the biggest advantages of using SourceDay for Infor Visual ERP users is the quick, simple integration between the two platforms. SourceDay can be up and running in as little as 30 days, with SourceDay doing all the heavy lifting. 

And SourceDay’s Customer Success team is always available to onboard, educate, train, and assist users on both the buying and supply sides. One major issue with many supplier portals is the low adoption rate amongst suppliers themselves. 

Say goodbye to those challenges. SourceDay guarantees a 70% adoption rate for all suppliers within the first year. This means Infor Visual manufacturing operations get the buy-in they need to be successful.

Additionally, SourceDay provides a range of APIs and connectors that can be used to integrate with other systems or applications. This ensures that manufacturers can easily connect SourceDay with their existing systems and applications, providing a central platform for procurement and supplier management.


Infor Visual manufacturing companies rely on their direct materials supply chains to deliver the parts they need on time, predictably, and with no misses. Suppliers and buyers have a difficult time working together without the right collaboration solution. 

Without automation, both sides can easily get mired in thousands of emails, hundreds of spreadsheets, and endless hours of clerical headaches. 

SourceDay is the only solution that can bring the two sides together in one place to collaborate around purchase orders, line changes, shipment updates, and accurate data. SourceDay makes collaboration a breeze while automating the entire PO process from beginning to end. 

Gone are the long evenings and weekends grinding away at clerical work. Gone are the days of second-guessing data and making decisions that aren’t profitable for the business.

Learn more about how SourceDay can jumpstart your Infor Visual manufacturing operation by requesting a demo here

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