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SourceDay Delivers Supplier Performance Via Multiple Workflow Options

Direct materials supply chain pros all share some similar struggles, one of which is working with the multiple systems and processes their suppliers use. Each supplier is a different-sized company with its own challenges and ways of processing POs. Most use email to send information and data back and forth with buyers. Some larger companies might use an EDI system, while others might use a homegrown supplier portal.

Buyers then have to adopt multiple processes, remember which suppliers prefer which methods, and somehow manage to keep all the ERP data up-to-date in the midst of this madness.

SourceDay solves this challenge once and for all. We call it Supplier Flexibility, and it transforms the way buyers manage their orders and suppliers.

With Supplier Flexibility, each supplier uses whichever workflow makes sense for them, while buyers manage every order in the cloud with SourceDay. For example, when a PO is cut in the ERP, a buyer will have full access to the PO in SourceDay. Once that PO is cut, SourceDay automatically delivers it to a supplier’s email inbox with a link to acknowledge or propose changes to the orders in a simple and intuitive interface.

No setup, no configuration, no onboarding or adoption struggles. Just 100% deliverability and accurate order data in your ERP.

For many buyers, this is a godsend because it consolidates all supplier communication and workflow into one place while eliminating the need for suppliers to adopt an entirely new process. This flexibility virtually guarantees supplier engagement across the board, and it ensures buyers receive automatic PO acknowledgments and notifications to take action when a PO needs attention.

That said, the SourceDay solution is robust, and suppliers who adopt it will see even greater benefits via supplier scorecards, strategic insights, data sharing, and exception-based workflows. And SourceDay’s fast implementation and ongoing training and support give both buyers and suppliers the know-how to tackle any challenge and easily manage daily tasks. In fact, SourceDay’s Supplier Flexibility and PO Automation have been shown to improve supplier on-time delivery by almost 50%. Not too shabby.

Supplier success and engagement are no longer a pipe dream for direct materials supply chain teams. SourceDay is stepping up with a new approach that gives flexibility to suppliers while empowering buyers to facilitate and manage those relationships in successful, strategic ways. SourceDay is more than a supplier portal; it’s a Unified Collaboration Solution that meets suppliers where they are and lets them work in any way they choose.

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay’s Supplier Flexibility can jumpstart your supply chain? Reach out to us here, and let’s get started.

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