Supplier Collaboration

SourceDay For Infor LN Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing and direct materials supply chain relies on technology to eliminate wasteful hours, streamline workflows, improve performance, and ultimately boost profitability. If you’re a manufacturer using Infor LN, you’ve adopted one of the most robust and powerful solutions available today. And you’re going to want to get the most out of your investment.

Infor LN is part of a larger suite of Infor ERP solutions. It’s specifically designed to offer a range of functionalities to manage various aspects of a business, including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM). Infor LN caters to the unique requirements of industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, and more. The system includes robust supply chain management features, allowing organizations to optimize their supply chain processes and gain visibility across every order and shipment.

And while Infor LN is powerful, it’s only as powerful as the data that is fed into it. If that information is untrustworthy, then forecasting, planning, and supplier performance will all suffer. Buyers are constantly buried under the clerical work associated with managing purchase orders (POs), trying to communicate with suppliers, and keep their ERP data up-to-date. It’s essentially a losing battle, and a costly one.

Infor LN manufacturing organizations have a lot to gain by improving the first mile of the supply chain through accurate data, improved visibility, automated PO management, and close collaboration between buyers and suppliers. SourceDay is on their side, providing all this and more via a software available in the Infor Marketplace

We call it Unified Supplier Collaboration, and only SourceDay offers it. Through the cloud-based software, buyers manage purchase orders from beginning to end. All communication with suppliers happens in SourceDay. Updates and changes are delivered to buyers in SourceDay. And every piece of data is logged in Infor LN automatically. 

Communication is the first big hurdle for many buyer-supplier relationships. Once the order is created and sent to the supplier, the buyer waits for an acknowledgment. If email is their primary form of communication, then it could be a while. Did the buyer see the email? Did they log it away and forget? How soon is too soon to follow up? When should the buyer throw out a quick phone call? 

This whole song and dance at Infor LN manufacturing companies takes place each time a PO is cut, a change occurs, or an update needs to be sent. Our research shows that over half of all POs will change at some point in their lifecycle. For buyers, these changes often create endless headaches as they wade through cluttered inboxes and comb through endless spreadsheets.

SourceDay eliminates this entire mess, automating each step of the process and allowing each order to be managed by exception. Users receive notifications along the way anytime something needs their attention, communication is logged within the context of each order, and PO delivery is guaranteed.

That guarantee is accomplished via SourceDay’s unique approach. Infor LN manufacturing teams adopt the SourceDay solution and use it to manage every order across every supplier, regardless of what workflow the supplier uses. Buyers have a central source of truth, Infor LN stays up-to-date, and suppliers don’t have to adopt new software.

If a certain supplier prefers to stick to their email approach, that’s totally fine. SourceDay delivers the PO and updates to their inbox, where they can click through once to manage the order and make updates. Much like a CRM, the buyer is notified any time a supplier opens, clicks through, or forwards a SourceDay email. 

Infor LN manufacturing companies might build relationships with larger suppliers who use EDI solutions, and that’s also fine. Buyers keep using SourceDay, and SourceDay integrates directly with any EDI system.

And of course, suppliers are welcome to adopt SourceDay and take advantage of the insights and features available to them. The SourceDay team offers world-class training and support, and all suppliers of Infor LN manufacturing organizations can use the solution absolutely free.

This is supplier flexibility, and only SourceDay offers it. It transforms the way buyers manage orders, while eliminating the very real issue of supplier adoption. 

SourceDay brings key data points into a single dashboard, allowing users to view KPIs through visualizations and filtering that lets users drill down on specific information. When Infor LN manufacturing pros come together with suppliers around these key metrics, they can have real-world conversations about improving performance, managing inventory, and improving on-time delivery.

SourceDay offers improved demand forecasting for Infor LN teams, improving decision making around direct materials orders, significantly reducing the risk of over- or under-stocking inventory, eliminating disruptions, and managing cash flow better.

If you’re an Infor LN manufacturing company, you’re probably seeing what we see every day: buyers who are burned out, trying to keep up with the long clerical work associated with their normal daily jobs. And you’re probably feeling the cash crunch as orders are late, inventory isn’t managed properly, and visibility struggles.

SourceDay brings together buyers and suppliers under a single umbrella, letting each supplier keep their workflow and centralizing PO management from beginning to end for buyers. Unified Supplier Collaboration is a revolution in direct materials supply chain management, and it’s only available through SourceDay—right from the Infor Marketplace.

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can transform your direct materials supply chain approach, protect cash flow, and deliver unparalleled supply chain visibility. We’re ready to give you a look. Drop us a line here and let’s get the conversation started,