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SourceDay for Suppliers: Why Should They Care?

SourceDay Stands Out Once it Fades Into the Background

Supplier success is your success, and without strong collaboration, a true partnership is out of reach. Without a robust working relationship with suppliers, there is a much greater risk of late deliveries and lost revenue. An automated platform like SourceDay is the simplest and most effective way to keep buyers and suppliers on the same page. The solution gets them out of manual communications (emails are so 1999) and PO changes and into collaborative communication and instant visibility on every single line.

In our recent webinar, SourceDay for Suppliers: Why Should They Care?, Phillip Pavelka, Director of Syteline/CSI Practice at SourceDay, and Director of Customer Success Christine McAvoy dove into what SourceDay looks like from the supplier’s and buyer’s perspectives. They explored how SourceDay facilitates strong relationships through streamlined communication, real-time visibility, and automated PO changes. Watch the recorded webinar here.

The SourceDay Experience for Suppliers

SourceDay easily integrates into suppliers’ workdays through a simple onboarding process, and every user receives top-flight support so they’re never left to tread water on their own. Even as turnover continues to plague industries across the board, buyers’ direct line of contact with suppliers through SourceDay remains uninterrupted, even if someone important leaves the company. Yearly check-ins ensure everyone involved sees strong results in the face of unpredictable supply chain disruptions.

The SourceDay solution is a single sign-in, multi-tenant program, meaning that if a customer has several suppliers, they can all be managed from one place. No integration is required for suppliers—the platform is web-based and there is no software to install.

SourceDay’s ranking system provides real-time assessment of supplier performance, which means everyone is on the same page and buyers can easily identify areas for improvement.
By driving the supplier into the customer solution, SourceDay mitigates cash flow risk by getting timely responses to ensure invoices are consistent. In fact, SourceDay helps suppliers receive payments 25 times faster by quickly resolving any mismatches that typically get tied up by human error. 

Automated emails and reminders eliminate missed orders and forgotten acknowledgments. And SourceDay’s Radar module can be customized to notify suppliers when deliveries or orders are not shipped within a specific time window, giving buyers advanced notice of supply chain issues so they can be addressed quickly.

What SourceDay is Like for the Buyer

SourceDay makes it possible to manage 200,000 lines on any given day, usually in about 15 minutes. Even when suppliers aren’t very communicative or leave unclear notes, confusion is cleared up quickly and work is back on track. Buyers actually see their supplier interactions decrease as they get more comfortable with the platform. The solution is so simple to use that an internal SourceDay study shows that suppliers only spend about five minutes taking action.

SourceDay’s Customer Success Managers tailor the service to fit your business and help define the parameters for a successful relationship with suppliers. The onboarding process is streamlined and within weeks, buyers and suppliers find that the solution is used every day, but minimal time is spent using it.

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SourceDay for Suppliers: Why Should They Care?

If you’ve wondered, ‘will my suppliers actually use SourceDay? What do they get out of it?” then this on-demand webinar is for you.