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SourceDay Founders Publish Memoir Detailing Company’s Journey of Success

Every start-up business needs great people, strong planning, and a vision for the future that’s just crazy enough to be successful. Tom Kieley and Clint McRee have known all this for years. Their crazy vision became SourceDay, and their chase of that vision has brought them through eight exciting years of growth, learning, challenges, successes, and insights—stories that are now brought to life in their first published book, Startup Lessons Learned Along the Way: Our SourceDay Story.

Tom (CEO) and Clint (COO) founded SourceDay in 2015 because they saw how inefficiently direct materials supply chain teams functioned with their suppliers. Purchase orders took hours to process and were plagued by errors. They had a crazy vision: Let’s automate the PO process and give buyers and suppliers a place to collaborate.

Their new book details their journey from the early days—maxed-out credit cards, renting a neighbor’s bathroom, and storing printer paper in a freezer—to the present where they are closing multiple rounds of funding and partnering with some of the most successful companies in supply chain technology. 

Featuring insightful, funny, and authentic anecdotes, Startup Lessons brings the reader into the SourceDay fold. Get a glimpse into Tom’s and Clint’s day-to-day personal and professional struggles for success. Read how they have created a positive workplace environment while growing SourceDay from scratch. And glean a little wisdom along the way.

Startup Lessons is for the dedicated, the aspirational, and those who play as hard as they work. More than a memoir; it’s a master class in successfully building a team and a solution to meet the needs of tomorrow’s market.

Available now on Amazon. Get it here.