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SourceDay’s Netsuite Integration Provides Unified Supplier Collaboration

SourceDay is a Built-For-Netsuite solution that allows close collaboration between direct materials buyers, their suppliers, and leaders of their teams. Through SourceDay’s automated PO management, buyers bring every order and every supplier under one umbrella, where they manage by exception, communicate with suppliers, and work together to process updates and changes.

NetSuite is one of the most powerful ERP solutions on the market today, yet it’s only as powerful as the data that is entered into it. SourceDay eliminates manual data entry, logging all messages, updates, and acknowledgments straight to the ERP via SourceDay’s direct Netsuite integration. 

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to see if you adopt the SourceDay solution as an add-on to your Netsuite ERP. 

Seamless Purchase Order (PO) Management:

Through NetSuite integration, SourceDay streamlines PO management. Any changes or updates made to purchase orders in NetSuite are seamlessly synchronized with SourceDay, ensuring that procurement teams and suppliers have real-time access to the most current PO details. This minimizes discrepancies and delays in the procurement process.

Supplier Collaboration at its Best:

SourceDay’s NetSuite integration enables robust supplier collaboration. Suppliers can log into SourceDay’s portal, where they can access essential order information, including POs, delivery schedules, and quality requirements. This transparent communication channel empowers suppliers to fulfill orders accurately and efficiently.

Real-time Communication:

Integration facilitates real-time communication between NetSuite and SourceDay. For instance, if there’s a change in a purchase order, such as an adjustment in quantity or a modification of the delivery date, these updates are automatically reflected in SourceDay. This ensures that all relevant stakeholders, including suppliers, are promptly informed of any changes.

Acknowledgment and Confirmation of Orders:

SourceDay provides a mechanism for suppliers to acknowledge purchase orders and confirm their acceptance. This acknowledgment process seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, offering procurement teams clear visibility into which orders have been acknowledged and which ones are awaiting supplier confirmation.

Supplier Performance Tracking:

The integration allows for the exchange of supplier performance data between SourceDay and NetSuite. Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to supplier delivery timeliness, quality, and adherence to contractual terms can be monitored in both systems. This data is invaluable for supplier evaluation and continuous improvement initiatives.

Workflow Automation:

SourceDay’s workflow automation capabilities can be harnessed in conjunction with NetSuite’s functionalities to create efficient and standardized processes. For instance, when a supplier acknowledges a purchase order in SourceDay, this action can trigger specific workflows in NetSuite, such as inventory adjustments or accounting entries.

Robust Reporting and Analytics:

SourceDay’s direct NetSuite integration enables the consolidation of data for comprehensive reporting and analytics. Procurement teams can access unified dashboards and reports, providing insights into supplier performance, purchase order status, and other crucial metrics.

Data Synchronization:

Critical data, including item descriptions, pricing, and vendor details, can be synchronized seamlessly between SourceDay and NetSuite. This ensures that both systems maintain accurate and up-to-date information.

Compliance Management and Documentation:

In regulated industries, such as aerospace or healthcare, the NetSuite integration with SourceDay proves invaluable for managing compliance documentation. It streamlines the tracking and verification of supplier-provided certifications, inspection reports, and other compliance-related documents.

Scalability and Adaptability:

The integration is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of your organization. As your procurement requirements change, SourceDay can seamlessly scale alongside NetSuite, ensuring that your integration remains aligned with your business demands.

And SourceDay does all of this with no supplier adoption necessary. In fact, suppliers can get started with a simple account creation, and then keep their workflows. If they prefer their email approach, no problem. When the buyer creates a PO in Netsuite, SourceDay delivers it to their inbox. From there, the supplier clicks through to the PO, makes updates in a browser, and SourceDay handles the rest.

Buyers are notified when an email is opened, clicked, or forwarded, so they always know that the PO has been delivered. And since there’s no supplier adoption required, there’s no struggle with getting them to jump on board with a new approach. SourceDay also integrates with EDI solutions, so larger companies can continue using their preferred systems.

And of course suppliers are welcome to adopt SourceDay and take advantage of all the great features and benefits of the solution through a direct Netsuite Integration.

  • Training and support from SourceDay’s world-class Support Team, online tutorials, and a large, searchable knowledge base.
  • Real-time supplier performance metrics and visualizations to boost performance and create opportunities for strategic conversations 
  • PO management by exception
  • Automated ERP data entry eliminates delays and errors
  • Due-date reminders with in-app notifications
  • Automatic vouchering
  • Real-time visibility into unconfirmed POs, late/partial orders, and pricing or due date changes.

This is Unified Supplier Collaboration, and we invented it. Only SourceDay lets buyers manage every PO from every supplier in one place, while giving suppliers the flexibility to use whatever workflow is best for them. 

Guaranteed PO delivery, full supply chain visibility, and direct NetSuite integration. Only from SourceDay. Ready to learn more? We’re ready to show you what we mean. Send us a note and let’s get started.

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