SourceDay’s New Approach to Invoice Automation

Have you ever chased mismatched POs or receipts? It’s a good bet that you have. For many, many supply chain pros, this chase is not a fun game on the playground; in fact, it can be downright awful. For a lot of companies, the chase requires multiple teams to find the source of the error. It takes so long and so much labor that giant backlogs develop, which only adds time and delays supplier payment.

As a general rule, emails are difficult to track. Yet hundreds of companies use email as the primary medium for communicating with suppliers. If a change happens on a PO and the supplier misses an email, what next? A follow-up email? A phone call? A fax (should fax machines even be necessary anymore)?

88% of all manual AP documents have erroneous data entry.

Read that again. If you’re using manual processes, your data is flat out bad.

Are pricing and quantities correct on every PO? Was the PO entered into your ERP correctly? Was it entered at all?

To get to the bottom of your AP struggles, start in the first mile of your supply chain. After all, AP is not the cause of mismatched invoices; it’s just where the problem is discovered. It’s time to digitize your data and collaborate with your suppliers. With an automated digital solution, the status of every invoice is available from a single dashboard—to everyone involved. You and your suppliers know when an order arrives at the loading dock, when payment is expected, and when it’s received—all automatically. And you’re positive that your data is 100% accurate. 

This level of decision-making is reserved for the elite in the supply chain field, and automation can get you there. SourceDay provides completely accurate and reliable data along with visibility and collaboration tools for tomorrow’s supply chain. Ready to learn more? 

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