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The Benefits of SourceDay as a NetSuite Supplier Portal

NetSuite is one of the most powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in the business, and as a NetSuite user, you have access to a robust set of tools to operate the business effectively. NetSuite is awesome, and to get the most out of it, you’ll want some additional modules to supplement your operations. An ERP system alone will only get you so far.

Virtually all direct materials buying teams are buried in clerical work, trying to keep up with purchase orders (POs), shipments, acknowledgments, and other correspondence with suppliers. All of this data must then be entered into NetSuite so that everyone at your company can see and make decisions on that data. 

Manually collecting and entering this information simply cannot always be done in real time, which leaves supply chain teams in the dark about what’s really happening and when.

Enter SourceDay as a NetSuite supplier portal. A supplier portal functions as a single source of truth, bringing buyers and suppliers together in a solution that allows communication within the context of every single PO line and shipment. 

Instead of combing through spreadsheets looking for relevant information, buyers manage by exception, receiving notifications every time a supplier updates something in the system. 

This technology eliminates dozens of hours of clerical work. With SourceDay as a NetSuite supplier portal, companies are reducing their purchase order workload by 25% or more and eliminating 70% of supplier misses

Consider this example: a buyer sends a purchase order to their supplier, who misses the initial email. Two days later, the supplier finds that email and sends an acknowledgement. The buyer then adds that information to a spreadsheet and waits to upload it to NetSuite when it’s time to batch (which could take as long as two weeks).

The supplier then learns they can only send a partial shipment, so they send that information to the buyer, who then misses the email and takes another few days to batch that info into NetSuite.

SourceDay streamlines all of this. Acknowledgments and updates are sent and received immediately, and the clerical work that used to require hours now only takes about 20 minutes over morning coffee. Buyers across the industry are overworked, burned out, and looking to move on when their work situations don’t improve. If they leave, you’re left with a crippled workforce and expensive recruiting and onboarding to replace them. 

Attrition is not your friend. If your buyers are working nights and weekends to keep up with the most basic clerical work, you’re going to lose them. SourceDay as a NetSuite supplier portal gives you the best chance to improve work satisfaction and hang on to your most valuable asset: your talent.

Accurate, real-time data paves the way for an agile supply chain, one where teams can work strategically instead of tactically. With delayed information, it’s almost impossible to keep up with how well suppliers are performing. 

SourceDay as a NetSuite supplier portal writes all data directly into the ERP system, and provides supply chain teams with accurate supplier scorecards. If your primary supplier consistently experiences delays or other issues, you can now make decisions about expanding your supplier base, adjusting production forecasts, and managing inventory.

This agility is critical in today’s volatile market. You must be able to adjust quickly to an ever-changing landscape in order to consistently meet customer delivery demands. Without that ability, on-time delivery will ultimately suffer, creating a myriad of customer issues.

In today’s climate, you’re going to need a solution like SourceDay for your NetSuite supplier portal. You simply cannot continue relying on outdated clerical methods that are expensive, time-consuming, and carry incredible risk. Adopting new technology is key to your success, and the SourceDay team is here to help.

Ready to learn more about how SourceDay can boost performance and profitability? Drop us a line here and let’s get together.

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