Supplier Collaboration

The Benefits of SourceDay as an Epicor® Supplier Portal

Your Epicor® ERP system is a powerful resource, and you’d be lost without it. But for most manufacturers and direct spend supply chain teams, there are gaps that remain. You need to communicate with suppliers on every purchase order (PO) line, you need confidence that your data is accurate, and you need real-time visibility into all of this. To get all this and more, it’s time to extend the value of your investment by adopting SourceDay as your Epicor supplier portal.

First, SourceDay is not an ERP. SourceDay works directly with your Epicor ERP to automate purchase order management and bring buyers together with suppliers in the same solution. When you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of purchase orders, supplier communication is critical.

SourceDay allows buyers to communicate with suppliers about every last PO line change, within the context of those changes. No more chasing emails through cluttered inboxes or combing through spreadsheets. All supplier communication is consolidated to one vendor portal.

Speaking of vendor portals, SourceDay has a few advantages over other competitors, including Epicor ERP’s in-house Supplier Portal. The SourceDay solution is designed to be up, running, and providing value to your business within 60 days through a truly collaborative environment.

We work with our customers and their suppliers to make sure the solution sticks with all of them. We don’t just onboard and set up suppliers; we monitor them to make sure they’re using it and getting the most out of it. No other Epicor supplier portal offers this service. 

Suppliers are more likely to adopt and use SourceDay because it allows them to consolidate all of their ordering in one place. No more switching between platforms or relying on slow emails. They can now see every purchase order and line change in one place—across all of their customers. We’re so sure the solution will stick, we guarantee supplier adoption. 

One reason we make this promise is that we know SourceDay reduces the PO clerical workload by 25%. Once buyers and suppliers experience this, they stick around.

If you want to hit delivery goals, you need to make critical decisions at critical times. Without 100% accurate ERP data, those decisions will be misguided and costly. SourceDay automatically writes PO data directly into your Epicor ERP, which means everything everyone sees is always accurate in real time. 

Our supplier scorecard feature gives you a clear view of how every supplier is performing, so you can adjust forecasting, allocate resources, and if necessary, invest in secondary suppliers. This is the kind of agility you need to consistently deliver to your customers and beat the competition.

As an Epicor supplier portal, SourceDay extends the value of your ERP, providing real-time supplier communication, clear line-of-site into purchase orders, and 100% accurate data. There’s much more to SourceDay and we’d love to give you a look. Drop us a line and we’ll schedule a quick demo.

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