Supply Chain Performance

The Benefits of SourceDay’s NetSuite Supply Chain Management Solution

Do you know how often your purchase orders (POs) change? Well, if you’re like virtually every other direct materials supply chain, the answer is, “a lot.” In fact, according to our research, 50% of POs will change in their lifetime. That’s a lot to handle for buyers working through hundreds or thousands of POs every year. 

Every change must be communicated and data must be updated in NetSuite ERP to keep visibility current. This is a lot to ask if buyers are relying on manual approaches like emails and spreadsheets for their NetSuite supply chain management processes. 

SourceDay’s automation and collaboration solution integrates with NetSuite ERP to bring buyers and suppliers together and streamline workflows – eliminating up to 30% of a buyer’s daily PO workload. Here’s what that looks like.

Data accuracy is paramount to your success. Without it, your NetSuite supply chain management processes will never be truly effective. Everyone involved must be able to see accurate information at every moment of every day so that they can make strategic decisions about demand planning and inventory planning. 

SourceDay integrates with NetSuite ERP to synchronize data such as purchase orders, supplier information, and inventory levels. This ensures that data is accurate and up-to-date across all systems, giving everyone 100% accurate supply chain visibility. Data is automatically synchronized between your NetSuite ERP and SourceDay, meaning that any changes in one system are automatically propagated to the other.

SourceDay users create POs directly from NetSuite, with automated PO creation based on demand forecasts and/or production schedules. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors in your company’s NetSuite supply chain management process. SourceDay pulls POs directly from NetSuite, and buyers manage them within the solution. Buyers can create, approve, and track POs from beginning to end. 

Working together is key for NetSuite supply chain management. SourceDay allows users to collaborate with suppliers through a single solution, including communicating purchase order changes, tracking supplier performance, addressing changes, and resolving issues. Instead of searching through cluttered email inboxes, SourceDay consolidates all communication, allowing buyers and suppliers to see every message within the context of the appropriate PO. 

Without timely acknowledgments, you’ll have no idea how to accurately forecast deliveries or perform inventory planning. Buyers must be able to confirm that a supplier has received a PO and whether or not the supplier can fulfill it on time.

With enough lead time, buyers can turn to backup suppliers or plans in order to keep supply flowing. If a supplier misses a PO, a late order could become even later. Buyers, suppliers, and team leaders must have clear, instant communication about every PO and line change.

Speaking of line changes, what if a supplier can only deliver part of a PO on-time? It’s inefficient to ask suppliers to acknowledge the entire PO all at once or hold off on acknowledging altogether until they know their capabilities. This is a recipe for delays, costly expedite fees, and a whole world of other headaches. SourceDay gives suppliers the option of acknowledging partial POs while communicating with buyers about every line. 

SourceDay provides real-time reporting and analytics to provide visibility into the company’s NetSuite supply chain management performance. This includes supplier performance, on-time delivery rates, and inventory levels. 

Buying teams can then use this information to reduce costs, improve supply chain productivity, and execute more accurate demand planning and demand management. SourceDay’s supplier scorecards give a real-time view of supplier responsiveness, quality standards, on-time delivery standards, and price variance standards.

Your NetSuite ERP is a powerful tool. SourceDay bridges the gap between NetSuite, buyers, and suppliers, giving everyone automated workflows, streamlined communication, accurate data, and protected cash flow. In short, SourceDay maximizes the value of your NetSuite ERP. 

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