Electronic Components

Electronic Components

PO Collaboration For Electronic Components, Computer Equipment & Peripherals Manufacturers

Electronics manufacturers face a lot of busy work just managing everyday tasks like PO acknowledgments and updates. Wading through spreadsheets and inboxes is costly, time-consuming, and downright aggravating. SourceDay brings all the information, communication, and workflows a buyer needs under one solution and process—giving automated workflows, management by exception, and guaranteed direct material PO delivery. Plus, we integrate with any ERP.

Eliminate Manual Workflows

Customers using SourceDay report a shift from 2-3 day responses to having accurate pricing and delivery time the next day. In addition, they see an 85% reduction in back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

Collaborate With Suppliers

Unified Supplier Collaboration means your suppliers have flexibility in how they collaborate on your orders. They can choose to create a login for SourceDay, use email workflows and collaborate without logging in, or connect to their existing EDI setup. Whichever way, SourceDay delivers all POs and gives visibility into the entire PO lifecycle.

Keep Your ERP Data Accurate, Always

SourceDay writes everything back into your ERP, and updates are made in real-time. Our customers experience results like going from 60% to 93% on time delivery (OTD) and 96% OTD to their customers.

Experience the New World of Unified Supplier Collaboration

Buyers who use SourceDay eliminate a third of their weekly direct material PO management clerical work. Supplier performance and on-time delivery improve. And manufacturers have accurate visibility into every part.

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