Epicor ERP Integration

Epicor + SourceDay

Epicor ERP is powerful, and you need to get the absolute most out of it. SourceDay delivers, providing a truly collaborative relationship with suppliers where 100% of direct material POs are delivered automatically, communication is instant, and everything is written directly into your Epicor ERP so always have access to accurate data.

Get the most out of your Epicor ERP

SourceDay Optimizes & Extends Your Epicor ERP

SourceDay provides real-time communication with suppliers that builds trust, improves performance, and eliminates dozens of hours of clerical work dealing with emails and spreadsheets. Every direct material PO is guaranteed to be delivered, and your Epicor ERP stays up-to-date automatically. And there’s no supplier onboarding or adoption required. Seriously

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Automating POs with SourceDay

request line-level change

PO Exceptions in MRP

Epicor MRP is a powerful tool to drive demand signals to buyers for new PO generation and change suggestions. The challenge for most companies is that the “noise” often associated with MRP action messages is significant and oftentimes unwieldy. SourceDay captures those messages, summarizes them for prioritization, and provides tools to “quiet the noise” until or unless the originating demand signal changes. 

Vendor ASNs

While Epicor ERP provides robust Customer ASN management, Supplier ASN management often requires buyers to place phone calls or send emails requesting shipment details. SourceDay enables suppliers to easily process shipments with an ASN—including shipment and carrier details—together with barcoded packing slips and shipping labels. The resulting shipment transparency reduces communication efforts, improves delivery date alignment with suppliers, and ensures frictionless accuracy.

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