NetSuite + SourceDay

A cloud-based supply chain software built to enhance the #1 cloud ERP.

The perfect addition to your
NetSuite ERP.

SourceDay doesn’t replace NetSuite. We pick up where their ERP leaves off—communicating with your suppliers.

As a Built for NetSuite solution, SourceDay gives your team complete visibility into all outstanding purchase orders, helps your suppliers and contract manufacturers stay organized, and keeps the ERP updated 24/7.

Straight From the Source

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Supplier Collaboration Built for NetSuite

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How SourceDay + NetSuite Work Together

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4 Ways to Get More Out of NetSuite


Top Tips for NetSuite Users

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP is a powerful tool that can help brands with demand planning, company financials, and procurement.

In order to get the most from that investment, check out our top four tips.

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Keep PO Data Moving in the Cloud

Your company chose NetSuite’s cloud ERP solution for a reason. Use SourceDay’s cloud capabilities to make sure NetSuite is updated 24/7 with order updates from suppliers.

With a solution like SourceDay to manage supplier communication and collaboration, there’s no reason NetSuite should ever run on old information.

Collaborate With Suppliers in Real Time

Suppliers hate late shipments as much as you do. With a shared platform where both parties can see all outstanding orders from RFQ to invoice payment, there’s no more “we said, they said” when orders don’t arrive on time. In fact, it’s rare they’re late.

Get the Most From Your NetSuite Investment

Table of SourceDay's enhancements by NetSuite module

Do More at Scale with SourceDay

With the right tools at your disposal, you can grow your organization without increasing headcount in equal measure.

By automating most of a buyer’s day-to-day tasks, like sending follow-up emails and creating open order reports, they’re free to focus on more strategic matters, like making sure the most critical parts arrive on time.

Feather-Light Implementation

Getting started with SourceDay is a breeze.

Our fastest implementation took only six days, and their IT team had this to say about us: “Implementing SourceDay is as close to flipping a switch as you can get.”

We Guarantee Supplier & Contract Manufacturer Adoption

We really mean it. No need to find an internal champion to oversee supplier usage. We’ll get all of your suppliers up and running, starting with the most strategic accounts first. As you add new suppliers, we’ll onboard them, too.

Luckily, suppliers prefer SourceDay to traditional portals. To quote some recent supplier feedback: “Out of many portals I have been on, I find SourceDay to be the easiest to navigate through.”

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